College Recruiting and their Rules and Regulations:

Recruiting rules and calendar for all college divisions, NCAA D1, D2, and D3, and NAIA
Note: Men’s and Women’s are the same, unlike some other sports.  The wording and presentation are slightly different


What are colleges looking for?  A general guideline!  

Part 1:  Speed, Events and academics

Part 2:  Sportsmanship, Being Coachable and Team Spirit

Part 3: Work Ethic, Supportive Parents and Leadership

Part 4:  Character, Interest in the Program and Time Management

Part 5:  Social Media, Goals and Passion for Swimming, First Impression


Profile and Registration:

Do you need an NCAA Eligibility Center profile or Certification account?

Register at the NCAA Eligibility Center!


Important Tools:

What other tools might be helpful within the process?

Tool 1: Athletic Recruiting 

Tool 2: Designed to assist high school swimmers with their college analysis and selection process.  Swimmers can learn more and register by clicking on “I’m an Athlete” at this website.

Tool 3: Swimmers can learn more and register by clicking on “Recruiting” along the top of this website

Tool 4: Compare your times with any division, conference or team in the NCAA here.

Tool 5: When is the best time to make your decision?

Tool 6: What happens on your official/unofficial visit?


Additional Links:

Here are some helpful links for navigating the college swimming application process.  We sampled some universities here that provided us with some helpful information:

Duquesne University:

Grinnell College:

St. Bonaventure University:

St. Vincent College:

Stevenson University