An Insider's Recruiting Guide

Check out the articles written by Renee Lopez, a recruiting expert for high-school student-athletes with over 17 years of experience, for an insider's guide into the recruiting process. She presents recruiting seminars all across the country, and has recently been featured in USA Weekly, with the National Alliance for Youth Sports, on Sirius XM Radio, and on ESPN Radio.

13 Questions to Ask a College Coach

Committing to a College

          - Part 1: Prior to Committing

          - Part 2: During SIgning

          - Part 3: Steps to Take After Signing

Athletic Campus Visits

          - Unofficial Visits

          - Official Visits


College Recruiting and their Rules and Regulations:

Recruiting rules and calendar for all college divisions, NCAA D1, D2, and D3, and NAIA
Note: Men’s and Women’s are the same, unlike some other sports.  The wording and presentation are slightly different


What are colleges looking for?  A general guideline!  

Part 1:  Speed, Events and academics

Part 2:  Sportsmanship, Being Coachable and Team Spirit

Part 3: Work Ethic, Supportive Parents and Leadership

Part 4:  Character, Interest in the Program and Time Management

Part 5:  Social Media, Goals and Passion for Swimming, First Impression


Profile and Registration:

Do you need an NCAA Eligibility Center profile or Certification account?

Register at the NCAA Eligibility Center!


Important Tools:

What other tools might be helpful within the process?

Tool 1: Athletic Recruiting 

Tool 2: Designed to assist high school swimmers with their college analysis and selection process.  Swimmers can learn more and register by clicking on “I’m an Athlete” at this website.

Tool 3: Swimmers can learn more and register by clicking on “Recruiting” along the top of this website

Tool 4: Compare your times with any division, conference or team in the NCAA here.

Tool 5: When is the best time to make your decision?

Tool 6: What happens on your official/unofficial visit?


Additional Links:

Here are some helpful links for navigating the college swimming application process.  We sampled some universities here that provided us with some helpful information:

Duquesne University: 

Grinnell College:

Oberlin College:

St. Bonaventure University:

St. Vincent College:

Stevenson University