Advanced Age Group (AAG)

Coaches: Coach Curtis
Primary Practice Location:  Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, VA
Supplementary Practice Locations: Providence RECenter, The Madeira School, Audrey Moore RECenter, St. James.
Schedule          Morning           Afternoon

Monday                                   4:00-5:30 pm           Spring Hill     + Dryland 5:30-6:15pm
Wednesday        4:50-6:20 am                                  Spring Hill
Thursday          4:30-6:00 am                                  Audrey Moore
Friday                                     4:00-5:00 pm           Spring Hill
Saturday           6:45-8:45 am                                  Spring Hill
Sunday             6:45-8:45 am                                  Audrey Moore
Group Expectations
Advance Age Group is for swimmers who are interested in competing in meets and with goals to achieve entry times for Junior Olympics at the end of the season. Most of the swimmers in the group are experienced competitors with NVSL or equivalent summer leagues and are preparing for a career in year-round swimming. Swimmers in Advanced Age Group can expect to learn advanced technical drills and race strategies for a variety of events.