FISH Officials:

Officials Chair: Nathan Dean - [email protected]


FISH Parents - 

Do you find yourself getting bored during swim meets? Do you wish you were closer to the action? One of the best ways to both understand and spectate this sport is to be on deck as an official. FISH currently has many awesome and talented officials, but we are looking for additional parents who are interested in supporting us in that capacity.  We need you!  The process might seem tedious, but once you get started, you will see how much fun it is to be working on deck and to make new friends among the officials’ community.  We are here to help and guide you through the process.  We will pay for all fees involved in becoming a FISH official.

With 5 hosted meets, it is imperative to have a sufficient number of FISH officials on deck.  It takes at least 25 officials per session to make each session a success. 

There are three entry-level officiating positions:

  •  Stroke & Turn Judge (S&T) – this official observes swimmers to ensure compliance with the rules pertaining to the swim, the turns, and the finish. At most meets, the S&T judges are positioned at either end of the pool.
  •  Timing System Operator (ETS) – This is the electronic timing system, often referred to as the “Colorado” which needs to be manned as the swimmers' race. The operator verifies starts, lengths completed, and finishing touches.
  •  Hy-Tek Operator – Do you like working on the computer? Then this job is for you! This official uses Meet Manager software to verify and enter events, athletes, and times during a meet.

So, how do you get started? There are 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up and attend a PV Clinic. The clinics are held in various locations in the PV area starting at the beginning/middle of September. Sign up for the date and location that works best for you. A list of the clinics can be found here. Stroke and Turn clinics are held more often than those for Timing System Operators and Hy-Tek Operators. If you are interested in Timing Systems Operator or Hy-Tek make sure that you sign up for the clinic as soon as possible.
  2. Register with USA Swimming. Before starting your on-deck apprentice sessions, you must be registered as a non-athlete with USA Swimming. There are four steps to the registration process:

Submit the online registration form
Register on the USA Swimming website
Complete the USA Swimming background screening
Complete the USA Swimming athlete protection training

  1. Complete your apprentice sessions. Each position requires you to successfully complete a number of apprentice sessions over the course of different meets. Make sure to have your Training Card (which you receive at your clinic) signed by the referee after each session that you apprentice in.
  2. Complete your USA Swimming Test. Find the list of tests required for each position here.
  3. Complete your Final Evaluation Session. You must complete steps 1-5 before your evaluation session. The final evaluation session can also be counted as your final training session. After your final evaluation, you will submit all paperwork to PVS.

In addition to being close to the action at the meets and get a better understanding of the sport and remember, FISH will reimburse you for all fees. At all of our hosted meets our parents are required to volunteer and donate, but if you officiate at our meets you are not required to donate or volunteer.

If you have any other questions please visit the PVS Officials Page or email our officials chair Nathan Dean ([email protected]) or Monika Paris.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Would you like to get involved, please send me a quick email so that I can assist you in getting started.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Monika Paris