Coaches: Coach Ray (703.282.2667)

Primary Practice Location: Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, VA

The Incredible FISH practice on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

The success of the Incredible FISH is measured at PVS and Zone and competitions. This is accomplished by focusing on the following objectives:

  • to prepare swimmers for the PVS and Zone championships,
  • to provide experience and optimal training in advanced stroke technique and racing strategies which are necessary to successfully compete at this level,
  • to train at a high level working on developing goals to maximize performance of each athlete,
  • to utilize videotaping and dry land strength & flexibility training,
  • to develop a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment so that swimming can become an enjoyable lifelong sport.

Other areas of the swimmer's accountability:

  • Swimmer learns to accept the responsibility for his/her performance 

  • Swimmer learns coping strategies to deal with peer pressure

  • Swimmer learns coping strategies to deal with parent pressure

  • Swimmer understands and performs personal race strategies 

  • Swimmer demonstrates an ability to balance school, social, swimming and family

  • Swimmer can effectively communicate her/his commitment to her/his parent, coach and teammates

  • Swimmer knows the team goals and will take an active part in developing specific and attainable practice group goals 

  • Swimmer understands the relationship between his/her personal commitment level and results