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In order to join the FISH Swim Team, all swimmers must complete a tryout with a FISH coach. The tryout helps the coaches know if your swimmer is ready or not to join the team and in which group they should be placed on the team. 

What will my swimmer be asked to complete at a tryout?
Swimmers will be asked to perform different skills based on their age. We will ask the following skills based on age... 

  • 8 and Unders:
    • 25 yards freestyle with side breathing
    • 25 yards backstroke
    • 25 yards either breaststroke kick or dolphin kick
    • Head first dive into the water 
  • 9 and Overs:
    • Legal 100 IM (25 Butterfly, 25 yard Backstroke, 25 yard Breaststroke, 25 yard Freestyle)
    • Head first dive into the water

Sometimes swimmers might be asked to try swimming a practice with a group to make sure they are being placed in the correct group. Some swimmers may be asked to take a few lessons to brush up on some skills as a prerequisite to joining.

How long will a tryout last?
Depending on the wait, tryouts should last about 10 minutes. 

When and where will tryouts be held?
Tryouts for the upcoming season usually begin in May and will last until the program is filled, usually sometime in September if not sooner. We hold tryouts at either Spring Hill RECenter or Audrey Moore RECenter depending on when we have practices scheduled. Tryouts are usually conducted before or after a practice and a coach will let you know what time that will be. 

How do we get in touch with a coach to complete a tryout?
The best way to set up a tryout is to email the FISH coaching staff. We recommend that you email the appropriate coach who would be in charge of the group your swimmer is looking into...

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