2020 Swim-A-Thon: HEALTHY, HAPPY, and STRONG

February 8th - Mini and Age Group
Spring Hill 6-8pm

February 9th - Advanced, Fantastic, Terrific, Amazing, Awesome, Incredible
Audrey Moore 7-9:30am

We have been busy with the launch of our annual Swim-A-Thon® and it is incredible to see how truly excited everyone is about taking part in this event and rightfully so.  Not only does this event bring significant benefits to our team but it also offers tremendous support to those fighting at Children’s National to become HAPPY, HEALTHY, STRONG kids again!

To participate all you need to do is raise money with donations or pledges. And of course, the more you can raise the better! And everyone who raises $125 or more will receive a super cool long-sleeve hoodie t-shirt showing your support of FISH and Children’s National.

Also, keep in mind that our top five earning Fish will get a one-hour private session with the coach of their choice. These one-on-one sessions will include high-tech videotaping and analysis.  A super way to help you get closer to achieving those breakthroughs.



Full Information about the Event and Fundraising

Megan's Story                       Sample Letter for Support                        Mini and AG Sample Letter