Selah Dean - Case Western Reserve University

Aiken Do - Virginia Tech

JT Ewing - NC State

Allison Martin - Columbia

AJ Muir - Drew University

Sam O'Brien - UNC Wilmington

Skye Sunderhauf - Bucknell



Selah Dean - Case Western Reserve University - Class of 2025

I chose Case Western Reserve University because it is a smaller school with great academics. It is a math and science based school that has lots of resources in the field of data analytics which is what I am interested in doing. In addition to being great academically, Case was a competitive division 3 swim team where I can contribute to the team and challenge myself. I can’t wait to spend the next 4 years as a CWRU Spartan!


Aiken Do - Virginia Tech - Class of 2026

I chose Virginia Tech for the unmatched coaching staff as well as the team bonding and academic experience I'd receive when attending there. I wanted to have a good balance between school as well as a great swimming experience to set my career up very well.


JT Ewing - NC State - Class of 2026

The best college for me was about finding a school that was strong academically, in a great
location, and could provide me the best opportunity for my swimming career.
Having seen NC State win the ACC championship for the past six years and I knew I wanted to
belong to a team that embodies that level of dedication and drive.
Over the summer, as I got to know the coaches and more about the program, I was super
impressed with the strong family-like culture and learning just how strong swimmers were both
in and out of the pool.
When it came time to make my decision, it was clear. I knew the best place for me was NC
State, and I’m really excited to be part of the wolfpack!



Allison Martin - Columbia University - Class of 2025

I chose Columbia University because it has amazing academics while I also get to continue to swim at a high level. I loved how it is right in New York City while also having a defined campus. The team is so close and supportive and I can’t wait to spend my next four years there! Go Lions!!


AJ Muir - Drew University - Class of 2025

I chose Drew University for my ability to make an impact on a school both academically and athletically. I am looking forward to being one of the first generation of students to graduate with a BS in Cyber Security, a program being added to the undergraduate university next fall. Drew University established itself as the right choice for me after speaking with the professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering. During our conversation we discussed Drew’s involvement of material outside of the classroom with its plethora of internship opportunities and proximity to New York City. Athletically, Drew’s Swim and Diving program has been growing and strengthening for the past five seasons and recently went 5-1 for dual meets. In addition to their growing program, Drew’s training attitude is centralized around race quality effort but also takes note to have some fun with shadow boxing at dryland sessions and performing New Zealand war cries at conferences. I am looking forward to competing as a Ranger and growing with the team over the next four years.  


Sam O'Brien - UNC Wilmington - Class of 2025

I choose UNCW for the location and great balance of academics to athletics. I was looking for a school that offered not only a good swim team, but also a great college experience. The swim team at UNCW has a bright future and I wanted to be a part of it.


Skye Sunderhauf - Bucknell University - Class of 2025

I chose Bucknell University because of the great mix of athletics and academics. It’s the perfect school for me since it has a tight knit community, while also having a lot of school spirit. The team is super welcoming and I love the campus. I can’t wait to be apart of such an amazing program with supportive coaches. Go Bison!