Monika Paris

Dear FISH Swimmers and Families, After all the announcements that occurred at the beginning of this week, we would like to end the week on a very high note. After much contemplating and internal discussions, we are super excited to let you know that Coach Nicole Erickson will be our new Head Coach and Head Site Coach of Audrey Moore. She will be taking on coaching the Amazing FISH and will continue to work closely with Terrific FISH. We have complete confidence in her ability to do an outstanding job....

Monika Paris

As we are navigating through the 2020-2021 Season, we need you to read through our safety protocol (return to the pool) and send in the required waiver. Step 1: Register with the FISH for the 2020-2021 season. Step 2: Read through our Return to Pool Plan which contains 2 very important links. You must be familiar with our procedure before practice. Step 3: Fill out the COVID-19 Waiver (linked in the Return to Pool Plan) Step 4: be sure to have your Sparrow Health Screening prepared before your practice (valid...

Curtis Din

FISH was named a Silver Medal Club by USA swimming for the 2020 year. Swims during the 2019 year helped us qualify for this award which names the top teams in America. All online meet entries for long-course meets are given FINA power point values and added up for team totals. Congratulations FISH! Full results of all medaling teams can be found at USA Swimming.