What is a Team? Building Team Culture Series

Ryan Westhafer

What is a team?

In the most basic sense of the term, a team is a group of people who use their skills to work towards a common goal. Team members are dependent on one another to use their skills collectively to complete the goal. Each member of the team is responsible for their own performance, which, when added together creates a performance that is greater than the individual parts.

Look at a team in the world of sports there are two different types: Team sports and individual sports. In team sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, ect. the team it is very specific that it includes the players on the team and the coach who all have the goal of winning each game. In individual sports, like swimming, the team consist of all the swimmers in every group and all of the coaches. Even though the swimmers are not playing “a team game” they all have the common goals of being the best swimmers that they can be with the support of their teammates and coaches. This would include learning the proper stroke technique, being prepared for meets, increasing your aerobic capacity. Everyone is working towards these goals and accomplishing them together.