Utah Training Trip: Day 7

Monika Paris
Jul 1, 2019

By Allison Martin

     Sunday was probably the most highly anticipated day of the trip, as there was absolutely NO swimming on the agenda. We woke up at the crack of dawn (6:30) to begin our day of hiking at Zion National park. After an hour and a half drive, we arrived at our destination. We split up into groups and set off on our hikes. We had originally planned to hike The Narrows, a five-hour aquatic trail, but due to potential flash floods and high river waters, we decided otherwise.

     Trails included Weeping Rock, Riverside Walk, and the Emerald pools. The hikes were fairly easy, and the views were breathtaking. Throughout our day, we encountered many bold squirrel-like creatures who darted towards us and were unusually comfortable with people. Shelby was not a big fan.

     After an exhausting day of hiking, we met at the van. In years past, just as we thought we were done with hiking for the day, Coach Ray would hit us with a surprise “cool down” hike. I was naive to think that it would not happen again this year. He pulled another “So You Thought You Were Done... Think Again” hike on us. Though I was initially very skeptical, this last trail led us to a beautiful overlook of the entire canyon, a perfect end to an exhausting day. We headed home, ate dinner at Applebee’s, and went back to the dorms to prepare ourselves for a tough double on Monday.