Utah Training Trip: Day 10

Monika Paris
Jul 3, 2019

By Bridget O’Shaughnessy

       As we are approaching the end of the 2019 Fish Training Trip, there is no doubt that all swimmers have been counting down the days until Thursday at 4:45 am when we will depart from Southern Utah University.

       With only two days of swimming left on our trip, we started today with our normal morning routines of rolling out of bed at 6:10 am to shuffle to the dining hall to have some much needed nutrition before practice.  Yesterday, the coaches discussed the importance of eating a good breakfast before morning practice. 

      As swimmers dragged into the pool we reminded ourselves to approach whatever came our way with the ‘best possible attitude’. Stretching commenced and swimmers threw on caps and goggles while Coach Mo and Coach Ray announced the warmup. Practice began at 7:00 am, swimmers powered through a tough main set, remembering that the afternoon of rest could be spent with naps, watching movies and tv, and refueling with food galore.

      Once roommates from dorm 304 got ‘home’ Scarlet swimmers ran around getting ready to hike Bryce Canyon. While Fish swimmers on the other hand leisurely cooked breakfast and strolled around the common area beginning to watch Netflix. Eventually we settled down and fell asleep. Swimmers rested easy knowing that they could sleep until dinner and then pull a “Coach Ray” and sleep through the movie, like last year’s trip.