Virtual Quarantine Derby

Ryan Westhafer

FISH Swimmers and Parents,


During our time in quarantine and away from the pool being active is more important than ever! This year instead of having our Derby meet we are going to have a range of virtual races that our swimmers and parents are able to participate in. We are going to do these virtual races the week of April 27-May 3. There are going to be 5 different categories of virtual races for you to participate in.

1.1 Mile Family Walk or Run

2.5k (3.1 miles) Walk/Run

3.10K (6.2 miles) Walk/Run/Bike

4.20K Bike

5.Bonus: Complete the 3 runs (1 Mils, 5K, 10K) or the 2 bike races (10K and 20K) during the week to extra recognition.

To participate in these virtual races is easy!

1.Pick a fun “Horse Derby Name”

2.Walk, run, bike whenever/wherever you can.

3.Track your activity on Strava, Nike Run Club, MapMyRun, apple watch, or adidas - just to name a few

4.Screen shot your “race” with your distance and time. (Example below)

5.Use the google slide link below to submit: your name, your “Horse Name”,

screenshot of your activity, and a picture from during or after your walk/run/bike! You will need to hit “make a copy” and then you can add your information. Once you add your information to the slide share it back to me ([email protected])

Google Slide:


We will post all the results and pictures onto the FISH Instagram (@theFISH1991) and on the FISH website!