Preparing for the 2020-2021 Season

Curtis Din

As we are starting our 2020-2021 Season, we need you to read through our safety protocol (Return to Pool Plan) and if you have not yet done so, send in the required waiver.

Step 1: Register with the FISH for the 2020-2021 season

Step 2: Read through our Return to Pool Plan which contains 2 very important links. You must be familiar with our procedure before practice.

Step 3: Fill out the COVID-19 Waiver (linked in the Return to Pool Plan)

Step 4: be sure to have your Sparrow Health Screening prepared before your practice (valid for 4 hours)

      Practice start dates for:

Spring Hill Groups:

  • Awesome and Incredible FISH: August 24th
  • Terrific FISH: August 31st
  • Advanced Age Group FISH: September 8th
  • Incredible FISH Prep: September 8th
  • Age Group FISH: September 14th
  • Mini FISH: September 14th

Audrey Moore Groups:

  • Amazing FISH: August 24th
  • Fantastic Terrific FISH: August 31st
  • Fantastic Advanced Age Group: September 8th
  • Age Group: September 14th