2018 FISH Training Trip - Day 8

Jul 3, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018 - Day 8 of Grand Junction Training Trip

By Kelly Derasmo and Natalia Rongione

      Day eight started off bright and early, with everyone being sore and tired from our hiking at Arches the previous day.  We all headed into breakfast a little before 8:00 am, getting ready for a hard practice.  After breakfast, we headed over to practice, which was a freestyle set.  It was set where each person would use their time from their first 400 or 200, add rest, and create an interval for themselves; the we did some 100's spring with an easy swim after each.  We then got out, stretched, and walked back to the dorms for a little bit until it was lunch time.  After lunch, everyone relaxed for a while until we had to go to the second practice of the day.  

      Our afternoon practice was the classic 14 x 200 breaststroke set.  However, the highlight of the practice was the Arches relays.  We did three different types, the first being Delicate Arch.  One person would hold up a pool noodle for a 50 without it touching the water and it would rotate throughout the entire relay.  The second relay was Landscape Arch where two people would be in the water holding one side of the noodle and swim across without it touching the water.  The third relay was Double O Arch, even though it was not to scale, it was still a two person job.  Every relay got DQ'ed at least once but sadly Team 3 came out on top to win the last relay.  However, eveyone knows that Team 2 is the best relay and would have won if we did not get a 20 second penalty.

      After practice we stretched and headed to dinner which was, as usual, good quality food, but the most important being chocolate milk!  After dinner we went on our second Target run which was a lot less expensive and much quicker than our first trip.  When we came back, most of us worked on our country group songs.  However, Mason and Jason played an intense game of one on one.  Mason won but Jason won in spirit, which is the most important.  Then the boys made a friend and played manhunt with him and some of the girls.  Then all of the boys and Hanna, Hailey, Kelly, and Skye played a fun, intense game of soccer.  The final score was 5-4 with MVP to Jason and Sammy.  The night ended with our classic team card game of caps and everyone going to bed tired from another long but fun day.