FISH of the Month

Paige Murray

December: Hadley Nguyen

November: Esme Haggard

October: Abby Stein

FISH of the Month

Paige Murray   


Congratulations to our newest FISH of the Month Paige Murray!  

This is Paige’s 7th season as a member of The FISH, and she has worked her way up from Age Group at Audrey Moore all the way to Amazing FISH.  Paige’s hard work and passion for the sport have paid off big time recently, with 6 new lifetime best times in December at the MAKO Holiday Meet.  Paige says that having a positive mindset and maintaining good practice attendance have been the keys to her success – which are two things that every FISH swimmer can strive for!

7 years with the team means a lot of memories, but her favorite moment of her swimming career so far was when she made her first ever Junior Olympic qualifying time in the 100 Breaststroke.  Her favorite set over the years was the Christmas Eve trivia set from her Fantastic/Terrific days!

When Paige isn’t in the pool for practice, you can catch her staying active and competitive by playing lacrosse and drawing in her sketchbook.  If you see her on deck, congratulate her on all of her hard work and success! 

Way to go Paige, keep up the great work!




December FISH of the Month

 Hadley Nguyen

Hadley Nguyen may be the smallest member of the FISH Swim Team in size, but this four-year-old has one of the biggest hearts.  Hadley began swimming with the Mini FISH in September.   She recently competed in our Mini FISH Intrasquad Meet.  Her stroke improvement and maturity while handling competition with the COVID protocols have earned her FISH of the Month for December.

She is the youngest of six children. Hadley idolizes her older siblings, especially her sister Sloane.  She is determined to keep up with her siblings.  Four of her siblings are year-round swimmers, which sparked an interest in the sport of swimming. Hadley was very excited to begin going to "big kid" swimming with the Mini FISH this past fall.

From the very first practice, Hadley has done an excellent job following directions and listening to her coaches.  She always arrives to practice knowing what "spot" she is in and is ready to swim.  During Mini FISH practices, swimmers are staggered in their lanes to maintain social distancing.  This concept can be extremely tough to understand for swimmers, especially when swimming 25s, which means they need to stop in a different pool location from where they started.  Hadley has done a fantastic job learning and executing this concept!  Also, Hadley works hard, never gives up, and listens to her coaches' feedback.

The FISH Intrasquad meet was Hadley's FIRST competition, and she handled it like an experienced senior swimmer!  Hadley arrived on time for the warm-up, waited patiently for her events, followed all of the coaches' directions, and raced hard!  Her backstroke and freestyle have improved tremendously, and she is working hard to learn breast and butterfly.

The FISH Coaching Staff is proud of Hadley and excited to see what she accomplishes in the future.

Getting to know Hadley better:

1. What does Hadley like best about swimming?

Hadley likes "Backstroke and Coach Jo".

2.  What is Hadley's favorite food?

Hadley's favorite food is mangos.

3.  What is Hadley's favorite TV show?

Hadley's favorite TV shows are My Little Pony and Boss Baby.

November FISH of the Month:

Esme Haggard

Esme was selected as the November FISH of the Month due to her incredible work ethic and practice efforts. She has really pushed hard to be at the top of her age group and is working hard to be one of the best swimmers in Advanced Age Group. She makes concerted efforts to make her drills picturesque and takes her time to perfect her technique. But her attention to detail doesn't prevent her from lighting the afterburners and showing her speed!
Her hard work has really shown in the Intrasquad Meet and the MAKO Holiday Invite where she has been getting rid of pesky “No Times” and filling in all available 9-10 events. Esme’s favorite stroke is breaststroke and she rocked a 40.10 in her 50 breast in December. Her other strokes are just as fast as she made 2020 JO cuts in the 50s of each stroke and the 100 fly! Her use of underwaters in races will surely be a shining point as she continues to race and grow!
Esme would choose cake over pie and her favorite candy is gummi bears. She is easy to please with cheese pizza, just another result of her great attitude!

October FISH of the Month:

Abby Stein

Congratulations to Abby Stein, our FISH of the Month!

Abby has been part of our FISH family for three and a half years, and is currently swimming in Fantastic/Terrific FISH at Audrey Moore. Her coaches have been impressed with her hard work at practice and her incredible attitude that she brings with her every day.

            After the time off during quarantine, Abby came back ready to get to work in the water. As the season has continued, she has been able to move up onto more challenging intervals and continues to push herself out of her comfort zone at every opportunity. Never one to turn down a challenge, her favorite thing about swimming is that the structure of practices pushes her to work hard, and that after all the hard work she can eat whatever she wants! The best opportunity for both is on Abby’s favorite practice of the year – our annual Thanksgiving Morning Pie Practice. She is hopeful that our tradition can return next year.

            When Abby isn’t at the pool she enjoys playing the piano, biking, and hanging out with her friends. And although she can swim, in her own words, she can’t run to save her life!

Congratulations Abby, we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work.

Get to know Abby: Quick Response Questions

Gatorade or Powerade?

After practice snack/meal?
Goldfish and chocolate milk

Favorite Stroke?

Favorite Animal?

Favorite Color?

Movie/Show/Book you’ve recently watched/read?
The Darkest Minds series

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