Competitive Team TOLL Prep is currently full and we are pursuing a new outdoor heated site in close proximity to Prep to accommodate more competitive TOLL swimmers. Contact us for more info. 

Fall 2021 stroke/endurance/in-water registration will begin in early August. We will offer classes for all ages and skill levels at Georgetown Prep and St. Albans this fall. Please contact us to receive updates. 

Home School Program

Tollefson Swimming is proud to be able to offer Wednesday morning swim classes and training sessions for home-schooled families who would like to add swimming to their daytime academic schedules.  We offer a variety of times and instruction levels so home schooled students can also take advantage of individualized coaching according to skill level.

  • Beginner stroke classes

    • 30 min with in-water coaching

    • Wednesday mornings between 9:30-11:30am (4 individual class times)

  • Intermediate stroke class

    • 30 min deck coached

    • Wednesday mornings 9:30-10:00am

  • Training & Endurance

    • 60 min

    • Wednesday mornings 10-11:00am

  • Advanced stroke class

    • 30 min deck coached

    • Wednesday mornings 11-11:30am

The home school programs do not follow the seasonal schedule of other classes – instead it is a one-time fee for a school year’s worth of training from mid-September to mid-May. See registration and fees for details.

For additional registration details please contact Henry Tollefson at [email protected] or John Tollefson at [email protected]