Masters Swimming

  • Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday mornings 5-6:30am

  • Offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring

  • Summer program offered at three local outdoor pools

Tollefson Swimming emphasizes training in freestyle for our Masters program. We also teach and drill fundamentals in the four competitive strokes and other skills to enhance the swimming experience beyond just swimming laps for fitness. Tollefson Masters Swimmers encompass a broad range of participants from beginners and recreational swimmers to tri-athletes and seasoned competitive swimmers who have perhaps aged out of summer and high school leagues, or are rediscovering the health benefits of lap swimming as adults.

Membership with U.S. Masters Swimming offers training advice, online workouts, discounts and more. You would also have the ability to compete in Masters meets as part of Team TOLL. If you would like to join U.S. Masters Swimming, please follow this link to join now:

During the summer Tollefson Swimming conducts morning masters practices and stroke classes at three outdoor pools: Old Farm, Garrett Park, and Wildwood Manor. Please contact us for schedules, fees, and availability.