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Thanksgiving week schedule changes for Team TOLL - make sure to check your email!

TOLL 2022-2023 Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/9/22 - 10/31/22

Open for New Members

7/9/22 - 10/31/22


TOLL 2022 – 2023 registration is now open! Before proceeding to registration, please carefully review all directions below. Please note that we will close this registration next Wednesday May 25. After May 25, we will offer available roster spots to new swimmers so please be sure to register promptly to secure your swimmer's spot. Please be sure to complete your swimmer’s registration along with the non-refundable, non-transferrable $400 deposit (online payments only). This deposit must be paid through Team Unify and goes towards the season fee for your swimmer. 


First, please review: TOLL 2022 – 2023 Expectations and Group Descriptions. Please read through the expectations and various group descriptions with your swimmer. Then, please review the schedule and fees for each group. Please be sure to read through the following notes and reminders before proceeding with registration. There is a lot of important information below and in the above documents, so please be sure to review carefully before registration. Please be sure to read and understand all waivers on the following pages before completing registration.

  • Important: The above schedule may have some minor changes throughout the next several months. Prep has still not finalized our lane space due to construction on campus perhaps limiting our usage again at certain times. I can assure families that changes should be minimal and the outline of each group (number of practices, days of the week) should be unchanged. Please be aware that there may be minor changes before registering. 
  • The above schedule is generally consistent from Labor Day through the end of the school year in spring 2023. We will offer holiday training for some groups. In the winter, T and L1 schedules may shift slightly due to us losing Prep afternoon time. We will finalize this modified winter schedule for T and L1 closer to the start of the season. 
  • Strength training fees are included in fees for some groups (indicated on schedule). Strength training schedule will be finalized later this summer. These session are offered for higher level groups and are not required, but strongly encouraged. 
  • Fees: $400 is due to complete registration and goes towards the annual fees. You must pay by CC through Team Unify to register. You must also keep the card on file and you will be automaticall billed 1/3 of the remaining fee on 9/1/22, 10/1/22, and 11/1/22. 
  • You should have received guidance from your coach about which group to register for. If you are unsure, please contact your coach to confirm. 
  • We will have 9 TOLL groups this year. All groups except Minis will have at least 1 outdoor practice throughout the year. Please consult the documents above for more information about the training groups and schedules. 
    • Minis: Giuliana Gigliotti 
    • Junior 2 (J2): Giuliana Gigliotti  
    • Junior 1 (J1): Noah Pritchard 
    • Age Group Developmental (AGD): Roger Dent 
    • L2: Elizabeth Lofgren 
    • L1: Henry Tollefson 
    • Senior Developmental (SD): Elizabeth Lofgren 
    • O Group: Steve Machlin
    • T Group: Andrew Tollefson 
  • We will use 3 locations starting this fall. Our primary locations will be Georgetown Prep and Inverness Recreation Club (IRC, outdoors). We will also use St. Albans in DC. Occasionally, we will shift practices to alternate sites (including ones other than the 3 mentioned) due to Prep blackout dates. We do not guarantee makeup practices for practices affected by blackout dates. 
  • All groups are configured by skill level, level of commitment, times, and maturity. We also give consideration to age, however our groups are not defined by any ages. Parents should not have the expectation that swimmers move up to a different group when they have a birthday.
  • T, L1, L2, and J1 are more advanced groups. You will see this reflected in the practice requirement. Swimmers registered for these groups are expected to be athletes who are have a strong commitment to swimming. O, SD, AGD, J2, and Minis are groups that swimmers can excel in as we are offering lots of pool time for those groups. However, those groups will have more flexibility in terms of commitment level. Please remember that coaches make determinations about group placements based on commitment level and skill level, and not skill level alone. 
  • Each practice group has a practice requirement. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all practices offered throughout the week, however the requirement is the bare minimum in order for your swimmer to have a positive experience in the group. 
  • Attendance at meets is required for some groups and recommended for others. Complete meet attendance is required for T, O, L1, L2, and J1. For all other groups (SD, AGD, J2, and Minis), swimmers must attend at least 2 meets throughout the year. Meets are an integral part to competitive swimming. If your swimmer does not currently attend meets regularly please consult with your coach before registering. We offer alternative programs besides TOLL if swimmers are not interested in competing in meets. Please note that championship meets require times to enter, so swimmers should be swimming meets throughout the season to be eligible for championship meets. The meet schedule will be similar to this year's and will be finalized later this summer. 
  • Required summer 2023 training for T, L1, and L2. Recommended summer training for O, SD, AGD, J2, and J1. No summer training for Minis. 
  • Coaches reserve the right to move swimmer to a different group if they fail to meet expectations of the group, or if it is not a good fit for any other reason. 
  • Swimmers are not permitted to practice with a different group unless they have been specifically invited by the coach.
  • If your swimmer transitions to a higher group mid-season, there is no additional fee.
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