Fall 2021 stroke/endurance/in-water registration is now open. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels at Georgetown Prep and St. Albans this fall. 

TOLL 2021-2022 Registration

Open for New Members

6/8/21 - 10/31/21


TOLL 2021 – 2022 registration is now open for new members! Before proceeding to registration, please carefully review all directions below. Please note that we will close this registration next Wednesday June 16th. Please be sure to complete your swimmer’s registration along with the non-refundable, non-transferrable $400 deposit (online payments only) or we cannot guarantee a spot for your swimmer this fall.


Please review: TOLL 2021 – 2022 Expectations and Group Descriptions. Please read through the expectations and various group descriptions with your swimmer and make note of the following changes from prior years coming this fall:

  • Shortened registration window and $400 deposit paid online.
  • Swimmers team-wide have clear expectations listed on the first page.
  • Each practice group has a practice requirement and a practice recommendation.
  • Attendance at meets is required. (Meet schedule will be published later this summer).
  • More focus on IMR and IMX events at meets and in training.   
  • Required summer 2022 training for T and L1. Recommended summer training for O, L2, and 9-10.

Other Notes/Policies:

  • Swimmers with birthdays mid-season turning 9, 11, or 15 may be asked to transition to a higher group during the season, or they may be asked to remain in their current group through the season. Please be sure to review the next group’s practice schedule and expectations when registering. Swimmers will coordinate group transitions with coaches.
  • Swimmers are not permitted to practice with a different group unless they have been specifically invited by the coach.
  • If your swimmer transitions to a higher group mid-season, there is no additional fee.