Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Parent Handbook

The Club

The Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club was formed in 2010.  Our objective is to encourage our members in the development of swimming techniques and to provide opportunities for competing against other summer swim clubs in a positive way.

We are not-for-profit club run by volunteers and supported by membership and fundraising.

We are a member of the Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA) and through the ASSA are members of Swim Alberta.  ASSA has 66 clubs as members and is divided into 6 regions.  The Lloydminster Jr. Rebels are in Region C which includes teams from Edmonton (Edmonton Huma, Edmonton Derrick Devil Rays), Sherwood Park (Millennium Marlins), Fort Saskatchewan (Piranhas), Vermilion (Vipers), Wainwright (Torpedoes), Wetaskiwin (Olympians), Provost (Piranhas) and Camrose (Sea Serpents).

Message from the President:

Welcome to the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Summer Swim Club. We are looking forward to an exceptional year as a swim club and are glad you have joined us. Our swimming club is open to swimmers of all skill levels. The program is aimed at the improvement of each individual's swimming skills. It requires dedication on behalf of the swimmers to reach individual and team goals.

This Parent/Swimmer Handbook contains a lot of useful information pertaining to each swim season.  Please read it thoroughly and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Thank you,

Krystal Daschuk

President of the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club


2020 Executive

  • President:                                       Krystal Daschuk
  • Vice-President:                              Chelaine Dzuirzynski
  • Treasurer:                                       Laura Thibault
  • Secretary:                                        Falon Willis
  • Registrar:                                        Diana Krys
  • Head Coach:                                   Denise Totman
  • Fundraising Coordinators:            Wendy Wickham & Sarah Price
  • Clothing:                                         Stacy Gamble           
  • Social Coordinator:                        Amie Kowalczyk 
  • Grant Writer:                                   Chelaine Dzuirzynski
  • Communication Coordinator:        Tanya LeBlanc         
  • Picture Display Board:                   Tanya LeBlanc
  • Meet Manager:                                 Krystal Daschuk
  • Officials Chair:                                 Lynette Thoresen
  • All positions are subject to change during the 2021 AGM.

The Program

Swimmers range in age from 5 to young adult.  Depending on age, experience level and coach recommendations, swimmers are initially divided into five groups: Advanced Mini, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Performance. Prior to the first swim practice, swimmers will be notified which group they will be swimming in.  Summer swim season officially starts May 1 each year with the season ending with Regionals and Provincials, which are both held second and third weekends in August.

At practice, the coach and the coach's helper(s) teach the children how to do the different strokes and how to improve on what they have learned. The goal is for the children to be able to do the different strokes to the best of their ability at a competition. Individual goals are based on improving their own times as the summer progresses. Team goals are based on how the individuals finish in relation to other teams. A team is only as strong as its members, so the club believes that no one individual should be given preferential treatment based on how they finish. Everyone is encouraged to cheer all team members on at all times. A strong team is only achieved by teamwork.

Children are encouraged and expected to attend as many practices as possible. Being consistent will have the greatest impact on individual improvement. Working hard at practice will also have a great impact. Parents are encouraged to attend practices so they can understand what their children are working on.

Practice Schedule

Practice Calendars for each season will be placed on the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club’s website (therebels.ca).  Be sure to check these thoroughly as swim times change in June, July and August.  Practices the week before Regionals and Provincials are only for those swimmers attending.  


Registration for previous year’s swimmers that are in good standing with the club will be held online. Registration online details will be emailed out to returning club members in February.  Registration for new members will open online in the month of March.  If previous years members have not registered by the open registration date, they will lose their reserved spot in the club, these will not be held.  Returning members may pay in full by May 1 or have the option to do installment payments for March, April and May.  All new members register on a first come, first served basis.  Full payment is required with all new registrations.  Payment is either by credit card (4% plus $.75 per transaction will be applied), cash, cheque or e-transfer.  Any NSF cheques will be subject to a $48.00 charge.  If financial hardship poses an issue, please contact our president and/or Kidsport for assistance.  

Refunds:  Refunds will only be considered for Medical Conditions (with a doctor’s note) or in extenuating circumstances.  They will be prorated, and the ASSA fee is non-refundable along with a $50.00 administration fee.  

Club Gear

Swim Suits

  •     Team swimsuits:  Black Speedo Endurance Suits with team logo will be available in most sizes on the parent information night for purchase.  Female suits are $55 and Male jammers are $45.   If you child’s size is unavailable it will be ordered, and should arrive in time for our first meet.  We also have a limited number of kneeskins available for purchase as well.  .
  • -During the 2020 season, the club will also provide each swimmer with a team swim cap.  Replacement caps will be available at a cost of $2

A good practice swimsuit is also necessary.

Rules with regards to swimsuits while competing in swim meets:

  • Design:
  • • Surface covered (shape);
  • For swimsuits used in pool swimming competitions:
  • Men’s swimsuits shall not extend above the navel or below the knee. Women’s swimsuits shall not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders, or below the knee.

Swim Caps

Swim caps are available at the beginning of the season as well as during practices. Lloydminster Jr. Rebels swim caps must be worn for all meets.   


A good fitting pair of goggles is necessary for racing and practices.  It is helpful to have a spare pair at meets in case of breakage.  Also, prescription goggles are available with your local optometrists.

Swim Meets

One of the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels’ main objectives is to provide opportunities for its members to compete against other summer swim clubs.  In this spirit, when joining the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club, all swimmers are expected to participate in a minimum of 4 swim meets including: 

  • The swim meet hosted by our club;
  • Regionals and Provincials (if qualify) (this is a requirement for all Advanced  and Advanced Performance swimmers).

*Advanced performance swimmers must attend 6 meets along with regionals and provincials if they qualify. 

If you are unable to fulfill this obligation, please communicate this concern to the coaching staff or club president as soon as possible.  Failure to meet these obligations will jeopardize your swimmers admittance into the club for the following year.  

Swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many meets as possible to take advantage of the competitive environment.  Competition allows a swimmer to see their ability as well as to learn techniques from other swimmers.


The Club is charged an entry fee for each swimmer registered at a meet.  Fees are generally $25.00 per swimmer.  During registration each swimmer will provide the club with $100.00 to cover the costs of 4 swim meets during the season.  Advanced and Advanced Performance swimmers will provide $130.00 to cover cost of Regionals as well.  If a swimmer attends more than 4 meets, the swimmer will pay the additional meet costs.  

            NEW:  TEAM UNIFY

         Our Club website has a new look through Team Unify which is a program designed specifically for swim clubs!  All communication, event and program information, sign ups for meets, volunteering, fundraising and payments will take place through this site.

●    Parents will be given a username and password to complete registration online.  This will be your personal access to a portal of information specifically about the Rebels swim season.  

Signing your swimmer(s) up for a Swim Meet

NEW** Parents must sign their swimmers up for meets through our Team Unify Website.  Verbal registrations will not be accepted.  Swimmers and coaches will discuss events that they will participate in and coaches will select final swimmer events.  

**Please do not contact your coach about meet events.  The coach will contact you if they require your feedback about your child’s events.    

One of the events swimmers can participate in is the relays.  If you sign up to attend a meet, it will automatically be assumed that your child WILL be in attendance for relays.  If you cannot stay until the end of the meet, please clearly communicate that with the coaches so they do not put your swimmer in the relays.  If one swimmer is unable to participate or does not show up for relays, then the whole team cannot participate.  All swimmers are encouraged to participate in relays and coaches will do their best to ensure swimmers receive that opportunity. 

Parents will be solely responsible for using Team Unify to keep their swimmers meet attendance status up to date. 

●      Meets must be selected not less than 1 week prior to the meet

●      Cancelations from a meet will not be accepted less than 7 days from a meet. Coaches need time to select events and make relay teams.

●      Money will only be refunded for a meet upon illness/injury with a doctors note up to 4 days before a meet.  Once the meet deadline has been closed, a refund is no longer possible, even in the event of illness/injury.    

Regionals – Swimmers are highly encouraged to participate in regionals.  If they are unable to participate in provincials, they cannot sign up for relays during regionals. Coaches are to be made aware of this as soon as possible. (A requirement of Advanced intermediate and Advanced swimmers is to attend Regionals and if they qualify attend Provincials).

Relay Teams - Coaches will make up the relay teams for each meet depending on the ability and ages of the swimmers.   Not all swimmers may end up on a relay team.  

Volunteering for a Swim Meet

Our meets are 100% run on volunteers, so parents are strongly encouraged to sign up to volunteer at meets as soon as possible. As per your obligations form at registration you are required to volunteer for 3 full days, one of which must be our home meet.  If you volunteer for a full day, but are only assigned a half day, this does not meet the full day requirement and is considered beyond the control of the club, and you must submit another volunteer time.  Please note, most clubs are no longer accepting half day sign ups.  

NEW:  Within one year of being a club member, at least one parent per family is required to take their Level 1 Officials Course.  

NEW:  At least one Parent is also required to volunteer if you have a swimmer attending Regionals, and for Provincials if your swimmer qualifies.  

NEW** Volunteer sign up will take place on Team Unify Website.  It will be on a first come, first served basis.  You will be allowed to choose 2 preferences for meet positions, however you are NOT guaranteed to be selected or get your preferred position, as meet needs are determined by the host club and level of official course held by the volunteer. 

Camp Parent will be assigned by the Head Coach/President.  

One family member per family will be accepted initially and then if more positions are needed, families can submit a second member in the order they were received.  If you are awarded a volunteer position and cannot meet the commitment, you are responsible for finding your own qualified replacement and communicating this to the officials chair. 

IMPORTANT: You may not get your first choice(s) of meets for volunteer requirements, therefore having an alternate plan is advised.  You will still be required to meet your obligations to qualify for pre-registration next season.  Please keep in mind that this rule is being put into place to provide fair opportunity for all of our families, as requested by our Rebels families.  

NEW**  Volunteering Above & Beyond has REWARDS:  

As per feedback in our club survey:  Families who volunteer over and above their required obligations will receive $25 for each full day meet they volunteer at up to a maximum of $100 (per family) that will be put towards next season’s fundraising fees!


Competitive swimming is a sport which requires parental involvement.  This is your chance to become involved.  It is important to the operations and growth of our club that at least one parent per family becomes a qualified official.  Returning parents are strongly encouraged to continue to advance their officiating abilities.  

Parents are expected to volunteer at our home meet as well as at least two other meets during the season, plus regionals and provincials if you have a swimmer attending these two additional meets.  

Officiating Courses will be offered at the beginning of each season and will be communicated to parents via email.  

Timer courses are available online at www.swimalberta.ca/official.  Level one is the entry level timer/marshall necessary to volunteer at a meet.  Please let our officials chair know that you have completed the course.  We have many parents who have taken more courses and perform other duties such as stroke and turn officials, starter and meet manager.  If these positions are of interest to you, please let one of the executive know and we can connect you to the right people.

Swim Meet Results

Recorded swimming times are kept by the coaching staff for each swimmer, but parents/guardians are encouraged to do the same.  You can view team and individual results at www.assa.ca (The Alberta Summer Swim Association website) within 24 hours of the end of a meet.  Many parents subscribe to the Meet Mobile app which allows them to see how their swimmers are doing at a meet.  You can also download the On Deck app that is associated with Team Unify for additional swimmer information.  

Supervision at Swim Meets

Swim meets are a great time to have fun and bond with fellow swimmers.  It is also important that our swimmers focus on their upcoming events and ensure they are prepared for each event throughout the day.  Swimmers and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and helpful manner when they are at meets representing our club.  We pride ourselves on being family oriented and in that regard, it is expected that everyone helps out in some capacity so that all swimmers (not just our swimmers) can have a positive experience.

The coaching staff is responsible for all swimmers at our meets, regardless of where the camp is located.  If coaches are unable to be in camp, a camp parent will be designated (and provided with instructions before the meet).  Swimmers are to check in with the coach or camp parent when they arrive as well as check with a coach or camp parent before they leave for the day.  Swimmers and parents are to respect the coach and/or designated camp parent and to follow instructions.  Sometimes there are changes throughout the day, particularly in relays so it is vital that the coaches/camp parent knows where swimmers are at all times.  Swimmers are not to leave the swim meet until a coach has given them permission.  

Swim Meet Etiquette and What to Expect at a Swim Meet 

Swim meets are a great experience for swimmers. They are a great opportunity to put all of their hard work to the test and see how they are progressing in developing their swim techniques. 

Due to insurance regulations, parents are not allowed on pool deck. This will be strictly enforced each season.  Coaches and assigned volunteers are in charge of swimmers during the swim meets. Parents are asked to remain in the spectator area - or better yet, become a trained timer and get the best seat in the pool!  We also ask you to encourage your child to remain with the club in the camp area at all times during the meet, except, of course, when their race # is called. It is difficult to keep track of the number of swimmers in our club and we do not want your swimmer to miss their event! 

Confirm with your coach what time swimmers are due at the swim meet. Warm ups are usually early in the morning. Arrive at the pool at least 20 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time begins.  Once you arrive at the swim meet, check in with your coach so they are aware you have arrived.  The team will meet with our coaches 15 minutes prior to warm-ups to discuss any last minute items and give a pep talk. 

Upon arriving, find a place to put your swimmer's gear, keeping in mind that space is usually limited, so squishiness must be expected!  There usually is a spot designated for each club. Ask the coach where our designated spot is and look for familiar faces. 

It will be best if your kids wear their swimsuits to the pool – there are a limited number of washrooms to get changed in.  The swimmer should then get prepared for the warm-up by getting his/her cap and goggles ready.  Remind you kids that they are to stay in the camp area all day except for when they are marshaled for their races or they must use the washroom – we don’t want to have to go searching for them when their race time arrives!  No running around or roughhousing will be tolerated – we want to be good ambassadors for our team! 

Heat sheets are usually emailed out to the club president 1-2 days prior to the meet and will be forwarded to club members.  Usually a limited number of heat sheets are available for purchase at each swim meet (bring cash). They usually cost $3.00-$5.00. This is a booklet that outlines the schedule of events and the swimmers in each event in order of seedtime (the swimmers best time in that event). If a swimmer is swimming for the first time in an event, he will be entered as a no time or 'NT'.  Bring a highlighter to highlight your swimmers events.   Swim Alberta also uses an app called Meet Mobile which allows you to see your swimmers events and their times shortly after they swim.  

Write each event number on your swimmer’s arm or leg in permanent ink. A black sharpie marker works great! This helps swimmers, camp parent and coaches to remember what events he/she is swimming and what event numbers to listen or watch for. 

After the warm-up, your swimmer will go back to the designated area with the team. They will wait there until their first race is called. This is a good time for swimmers to visit the bathroom if necessary, get a drink or just get settled in. The meet will usually start about 15 minutes after the warm-ups are over. 

Listen to or watch for your swimmer's events. There usually are announcements and a board that lists the events being marshaled.  When your swimmer's event is getting close, they will go to a race check-in location and an official will line up the swimmers and take them down to the pool in the correct order for their race. 

After their event, swimmers should go immediately to his or her coach for race feedback. At this time, the coach will provide positive comments, praise and suggestions for improvement. 

When a swimmer has completed all of their events, the swimmer and parents can go home. Make sure and check with the coach before leaving to make sure your swimmer is done all of their events and is not swimming on a relay team.  All garbage and personal items must be cleaned up in your area before you go home. 

Results are usually posted somewhere in the facility.  

Awards (medals) are usually given out at the end of the meet. If your swimmer is to receive an award (medal) please stay for the awards presentation. All swimmers are also encouraged to stay and cheer on their teammates who may be receiving an award. This teaches great sportsmanship! 

What to Pack for a Swim Meet 

Swim meets are an all-day affair and often last until 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. that day. Without the proper gear, food and drinks it can be stressful day for the swimmers and the parents! Each club is usually designated a spot. However, space is limited at swim meets. Please be considerate of other swimmers. Below are tips for what you should bring to a swim meet: 

  •  a blanket/sleeping bag 
  •  pillow 
  •  lawn chairs 
  •  extra swim goggles 
  • extra bathing suit if you have one (sometimes there can be a 'wardrobe malfunction' so it is good to be prepared with back ups) 
  • a hoodie 
  • t-shirt 
  • pants for swimmers to wear between events (sweats or pj pants) 
  • multiple amounts of clothing and 4-6 towels (swimmers are in and out of the pool all day and will be wet often) 
  • a change of clothes for the end of the day 
  • some kind of entertainment for your swimmer for in between events such as books, board games, and other games. 
  • bring electronics at your own risk 
  • please do NOT bring throw toys such as balls or Frisbees – it is too dangerous for other swimmers in crowded camp areas 
  • on the occasion of meets at outdoor pools or for when our designated area is outdoors, it is important to pack for all conditions. Bring sunscreen, blankets, rain gear, hats, etc. Some families even bring small tents to set up. 
  • some pools have concession stands but don’t depend on one being open for lunch. Pack a healthy lunch in a cooler.
  • plenty of fluids such as juices, and plenty of carbohydrates. 

Please label everything your child brings along on the swim meets – it is easier to locate if you have your name on it.  

Nutrition: What to Eat and When 

Good nutrition can’t replace excellent coaching, effort, talent, and personal drive. But there’s no question that what your child eats and drinks can make a difference in their reaching peak performance during the swim season. Nutrition does not make an average athlete elite, but it can make an elite athlete average. For sports and everyday living, carbohydrates are your body’s foremost energy source – and main fuel for working muscles. Training and a healthy carbohydrate-rich diet work together to boost the competitive edge. Training helps your body use carbohydrates efficiently and store more as muscle glycogen. Stored in muscles, glycogen fuel is ready to power your child’s swimming. So what is a healthy diet to boost the competitive swimming edge? The research is very compelling that eating well on days of practice is just as important as eating well right before a swim meet. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds will help your child train harder so that he or she is better prepared for competition. What your child eats right before the meet can also help, but more importantly a healthy carbohydrate rich diet for several days prior to the meet makes a difference. Again, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, low fat or non-fat dairy and lean choices of protein are the foods that are going to provide the nourishment a competitive swimmer needs. 

What to Eat before the Meet 

  • Eating a hearty high-carbohydrate dinner the night before is important. Pre-meet dinner ideas include: 
  •  your child’s favorite pasta dish (preferably with whole wheat pasta), whole grain roll, and their favorite vegetable with fruit and angel food cake for dessert. Another possibility is chili made with beans and some lean meat, bread, and their favorite vegetable topped off with a serving of fresh berries and ice cream. Whatever the dinner menu, just make sure it is loaded with complex carbohydrates and some lean protein. In the morning getting kids to eat before a swim can be tough. But eating breakfast before an early morning swim meet is especially important because it replenishes glycogen in the liver (which later can be used for fuel when needed during a race) that may have been used by the body while sleeping. If at all possible, it’s important not to skip breakfast. Following are some ideas of light, high carbohydrate breakfast meals or snacks. Many of the foods can be put in baggies for eating on the way to the swim meet or shortly after arrival if your child’s appetite for breakfast hasn’t quite kicked in. 
  •  hot or cold whole grain cereal with fruit and milk 
  • pancakes with syrup, fat-free yogurt, and strawberries 
  • toasted whole wheat waffle topped with fruit and yogurt 
  • smoothie made with yogurt, low fat or non-fat milk, or soy and fruit or 100% fruit juice 
  •  whole grain toast with peanut butter and jam, 1% chocolate milk 
  • hole grain bagel with light cream cheese and jam, fruit and juice 
  • whole grain crackers, cheese stick, banana, and fruit juice 
  • bran muffin, yogurt, and berries 
  •  leftover cheese pizza slice and orange juice 

During Competition 

For starters, keeping kids hydrated is key, especially during those hot summer days. Water is best, but sometimes a slightly sweetened beverage such as a sport drink or slightly diluted 100% fruit juice can be a good choice. These drinks will help maintain your child’s blood sugar levels, boost stamina, and help replenish their muscle glycogen. Drinks high in sugar such as sodas and other sweetened beverages can actually cause mild dehydration because water is pulled into the stomach to help dilute the sugar concentration of the sugared beverage. So, whenever possible, avoid highly sweetened drinks during the actual meet and before practice. During the meet healthy high-carbohydrate, low-fat and low fibre snacks are key for replenishing the body’s fuel source. These foods are digested quickly and are the primary fuel for all forms of physical activity. Once you start exercising, undigested food stays in your stomach and can cause cramping so swimmers should eat small amounts frequently throughout the day. The most important thing is to choose foods you are familiar with to avoid stomach upset and cramping. High-fat snacks including cookies, candy bars, and potato chips take longer to digest and can actually slow your child down on race day. Healthier snacks for competition day are low in fat and high in carbohydrates such as fresh fruit sliced, wedged, or whole, whole grain crackers, pretzels, bagels, rice cakes, fruit bars, smoothies, and non-fat yogurt. Never try a new food or food combination on competition day. You do not want to risk an upset stomach on the day of a meet! 

Recovery Foods 

After strenuous exercise, it is important to refuel your muscles. Your muscles store energy but it gets used up during activity. The best time to replace the used energy is within 15 minutes of ending the activity. Within this time, it is easier for your muscles to replace energy. Chocolate milk and foods that are high in carbohydrates, like breads, cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables are good choices.

Meal After Swim Meet 

It is also important to plan a recovery meal within 2 hours of ending the meet. To build and repair muscles after exercise, your body needs protein. Foods from the Meat and Alternatives food group are good sources of protein to include in your after-activity meal. Remember to keep your meals balanced by including at least three of the four food groups. This will help your body to get the nutrients you need. Also remember to drink enough fluid for adequate hydration. For more information, such as sample menus, visit www.healthyalberta.com.   


Since registration fees do not cover the entire budget for operating a competitive swim club, fundraising is necessary. Club expenses include pool rental fees, swim meet fees, coaching costs, equipment, etc. Our aim each year is to keep fundraising as painless as possible.  

New:  Fundraising BuyOut:  Don’t want to fundraise - no problem!  Simply write your cheque in the set amount per child and the club will immediately cash your cheque.  

The club will host fundraising events throughout the season:

Wickham Flowers:  Orders are due April 17th and can be dropped off at the pool. Swimmers will be responsible for picking up their order at Wickhams Nurseryland on  May 9th and 10th during regular business hours  and delivering them to  their purchasers. 

Team Picture & Swim Mania:  Sunday, June 21, 2020.  Team photo at 12pm SHARP. 

 Swimmers are asked to get pledges for the number of lengths of the pool they can swim in one hour (6-7pm).  A flat rate pledge is acceptable or an “x-dollar/cent amount per length” pledge makes it fun for the swimmers because it challenges them to really move in the pool!  Pledge sheets will be emailed out closer to the date.  

Bottle Depot:  A Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Account has been set up at the Bea Fisher Bottle Depot.  Individuals or a group of families can arrange to do a drive on their own, drop their bottles off at the depot (let the depot know the revenue is going to the Rebels) and submit their receipt to the treasurer representative to have this amount deducted from their fundraising commitment. 

Krispie Kreme Donut Fundraiser - watch for details

Team Raffle

Other?  If you have a great idea for fundraising that you’d like to head up, please discuss it with the executive to see if it’s feasible for our club to support.

Club Expectations:

Teamwork amongst the coaches, club members and their families is essential in developing and maintaining a successful swim club. Working collaboratively to provide a positive experience for everyone is necessary.  Swimmers and parents who choose to disregard the following expectations may be removed from the club and/or denied entry to the program the following year.

Parent/Guardian Standard Code of Conduct

Parents/Guardians shall: 

1.       Obey all the rules and regulations of the club, ASSA and the facilities used both at practice and competitions. 

2.       Support their child, coaches and teammates in order to reach individual and club goals. 

3.       Encourage their child's full participation at practices, competitions and club approved activities. 

4.       Follow all fundraising and volunteer club policies outlined prior to the season at registration. 

5.       Volunteer at fundraising activities throughout the season. 

6.       Not be on pool deck during swim practices without special permission approved by the coaches or executive.  You must wait for your swimmer by the pool gates near the change rooms.  This will be strictly enforced for insurance purposes.  

7.       Not be on pool deck during swim meets other than in an Official capacity or as a club designated chaperone.

8.       Discuss any concerns with the program or coaches with our Head Coach or the President of the club.

●      Parent Violation of Code of Conduct as taken from ASSA:

1.    Minor Infraction:  a single incidents of failing to meet the expected standards of conduct that generally do not result in harm to others, ASSA or to the sport of competitive swimming. Examples of minor fractions include but are not limited to:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Disrespectful comments or behavior directed towards others, and
  • Non-compliance with Lloydminster Jr. Rebels and ASSA bylaws, policies and procedures, rules, regulations and directives.  

All disciplinary situations involving minor infractions will be dealt with by the appropriate person having authority over the member involved, this may include board members, staff, officials, coaches, organizers or ASSA decision makers.  

Discipline Procedures: Discipline procedures for dealing with minor infractions will be informal as compared to those of major infractions and will be at the discretion of the person responsible for discipline of such infractions.  Provided that the respondent being disciplined, is told the nature of the infraction and has the opportunity to make written or oral submissions and any other pertinent information concerning the incident.  

Discipline Sanctions:  The following disciplinary sanctions may be applied singly or in combination for minor infractions:

  • Verbal and/or written warning
  • Verbal and/or written apology 
  • Service or other voluntary contribution to Lloydmisnter Jr. Rebels
  •  Removal of certain privileges of membership for a designated period of time
  • Suspension from the current competition, activity or event, or
  • Any other sanction considered appropriate for the action.

Minor infractions that result in discipline will be recorded and maintained by Lloydminster Jr. Rebels.  Repeat minor infractions may result in further incidents being considered a major infraction. 

            2.  Major Infractions:  are instances of failing to meet the expected standards of conduct that result, or have the potential to result in harm to other persons, to Lloydminster Jr. Rebels or to the sport of summer swimming.  Examples of major infractions include but are not limited to:

  • intentionally damaging Lloydminster Jr. Rebels property
  • Improperly handling Lloydminster Jr. Rebels monies
  • Incidents of physical abuse
  • Pranks, jokes, or other activities that endanger the safety of others, including hazing
  • Disregard for the bylaws, policies, reules, regulations and directives of Lloydminster Jr. Rebels or those of ASSA
  • Conduct that intentionally damages the image, credibility or reputation of Lloydminster Jr. Rebels
  • Behavior that constitutes harassment, sexual harassmentor sexual misconduct
  • Abusive use of alcohol, any use of posession of alcohol by minors, use of possession of illicit drugs and narcotics
  • Repeated minor infractions

Discipline Procedures:  Major infractions occurring during competition, training or events, may be dealt with immediately, if necessary by an appropriate person having suthority.  In such situations, disciplinary sanctions will be for the duration of the competition, training, activity or event only.  Further sanctions may be applied but only after the review of the matter in accordance with the policy and procedures set by ASSA. 

Discipline Sanctions:   The following may apply singly or in combinations for major infractions:

  •   Verbal and/or written warning
  • Verbal and/or written apology
  • Service or other voluntary contribution to Lloydmisnter Jr. Rebel
  •  Removal of certain privileges of membership for a designated period of time
  • Suspension from the current competition, activity or event
  • Suspension from all Lloydminster Jr. Rebels activities for a designated period of time
  • Explusion from the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels
  • Any other sanction considered appropriate for the action.

Swimmer Expectations 

Swimmers shall:

  • Obey all the rules and regulations of the club, ASSA and the facilities used both at practice and competitions. 
  • Be on time for both practices and swim meets. 
  • Take responsibility for informing their coach of any upcoming absences in advance and by any required deadlines.
  • Respect team-mates, competitors, coaches, parents, volunteers, officials and facility staff at practices and meets. 
  • Participate in swim meets and club approved activities. 
  •  Follow coach direction, instruction and feedback. 
  • Represent the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels in an honorable and respectful manner when at meets and practices.  This includes no foul language, fighting, snapping towels, destruction of property and equipment, littering and bullying in any manner.
  • Respect any and all patrons of the facilities used, including change rooms and shower. 
  • Wear Lloydminster Jr. Rebels gear at meets including suits and caps. If the swimmer does not own any Lloydminster Jr. Rebel’s gear, then team colors (black and blue) should be worn.

Athletes will

  • Respect team-mates, competitors, coaches, parents, officials, and property.
  • Not use alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  • Behave in such a way that actions reflect positively on the team.
  • Strive to be punctual for practices and meets.
  •  Play fair and display good sportsmanship including yielding to a faster swimmer during practice.

Code of Conduct

This policy was developed to promote an enjoyable and safe environment for all club members to develop competitive swimming skills. Successful athletic programs all have a basic understanding of acceptable and cooperative behavior among athletes, parents and coaches. Therefore, upon acceptance to the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club, all members will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Athletes and Parents will be required to sign a code of conduct form prior to May 1.


Failure to meet Code of Conduct requirement may result in the following:

1.         Time Out – Swimmers will be asked by the Coach to sit on the deck edge. Parents will be contacted by the Coach to discuss the situation and a member of the Board will be notified.

2.         Dismissal from Practice or Meet – This will occur if a swimmer repeatedly violates the Code of Conduct or if any action is deemed to warrant a more serious punishment. The length of the suspension will be determined by the Board.

3.         Expulsion from Swim Club – This is for any swimmer continually creating a disturbing environment by repeated violation of the aforementioned code.

Examples of infractions include: verbal abuse such as swearing or other inappropriate language gestures.  Also included are physical actions such as pushing, hitting, spitting, or any other action that would infringe upon a swimmer’s personal space either in or out of the pool and intentional interference with a swimmer’s movement in the pool.

Finally, the changing rooms may be a site of unnecessary horseplay and bullying. Change rooms are for changing only. If there is any bullying, a suspension is automatic. Other horseplay will be punished also, and it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children act appropriately.  Remember that you represent the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club and that your actions will reflect positively and negatively on the club.

Harassment and Discipline Policy:

The following excerpt is from the Alberta Summer Swim Association (ASSA) handbook, which all senior officials and executive ASSA members use a guideline in matters of discipline and harassment.  The Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Swim Club, as a member of the ASSA, will follow this guideline in matters of discipline and harassment.

“The Alberta Summer Swim Association (ASSA) is committed to designing and providing a healthy swim community for its athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers. The harassment policy applies to all members and all events related to ASSA. The ASSA shall not tolerate any form of harassment and undertakes to protect all members. Harassment is a form of discrimination and is prohibited by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by the Human Rights legislation in Alberta.”

All members, staff and clubs are responsible for supporting this policy and actively contributing to create a healthy swim community and awareness of harassment prevention and elimination.  The person who experiences harassment may make a formal complaint. There is a formal process to lodge a complaint, which is stated in the Alberta Summer Swim Association harassment Policy and Procedures document. The ASSA has a Harassment Officer(s) who will receive complaints and conduct the process to resolution. It is recommended that complaints start at the club or individual level and if necessary be elevated to the Regional and/or provincial level, at which point the ASSA Harassment Officer(s) would become involved. All formal complaints shall be made known to the ASSA Harassment Officer(s).

Disciplinary Action

Members or employees of the ASSA against whom a complaint of harassment is substantiated may be severely disciplined, up to and including employment dismissal or termination of membership.


ASSA understands that it can be difficult to come forward with a complaint and that it can be devastating to be wrongly convicted of the harassment. Therefore, ASSA recognizes the interested of all parties and the need to keep the matter confidential. ASSA and its members will not disclose any information as outlined in the policy.


It is essential to stay up to date on club happenings throughout the season. Information will be communicated to parents/guardians in a number of ways including:  

Website: Team Unify

The Club has its own website which can be found at www.therebels.ca Parents/guardians are asked to check the website frequently for updated Club information.

Bulletin Board

Parents are asked to check the message area (bulletin board) for club meet results and other  information regarding the swim club.

Facebook & Instagram

Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Lloydminster-Jr-Rebels-Swim-Club-243367479367573/

MeetMobile App

MeetMobile app is also available to view meet heatsheets, psych sheets and swim meet results.  It must be purchased.  

On Deck App

On Deck is a free app linked to Team unify and contains additional swimmer information and links to your team unify account.  






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