Coaches and Directors

We have an amazing coaching staff dedicated to our young swimmers, and here they are...  

Head Coach:  Denise Totman

I enjoyed swimming as a child but never had the opportunity to participate on a swim team or to swim competitively.  Back in the 60s we were one of the only communities in rural Alberta to have an indoor pool, though it kept breaking down! It took forever to pass three levels out of four in Red Cross swimming lessons!  I don't like diving and can't do turns, but I can coach them!  I started out at as swim parent in 1989.  This led to volunteering at swim meets, taking official courses, being an executive member of local clubs and a board member of the ASSA; which included a term as President of our Association.  In 2009 a couple of local swimmers required a coach so I took my coaching course.  When there was local interest in starting up a summer club I started to assist as a coach in 2011. 

Denise volunteers her time entirely to coach our team and we are very grateful to have her and appreciate her experience more than she will ever realize!! 

Techinical Coach:  Cory Totman

I swam with the Lloydminster Aquanauts and the Lloydminster Rebels from age 5-19.  Favourite strokes at the end of my summer swimming experience were backstroke and IM.   My next stage in swimming was swimming for the University of Lethbridge Swim Team.  This provided the opportunity to experience different distances and to represent the University at out of province swim meets.

I have had a great time coaching for the Rebels since 2015!  I currently  am the Head Coach Technical.  I actively coach the intermediates, advanced intermediate and advanced groups.  This summer I am looking forward to spending a bit of time coaching the Beginner B group.  Kai will also be helping with this group.  I initiated my Coach 201 last season and worked as the Head Coach for the Lloydminster Riptides throughout the winter.  I will continue to work dually for the Rebels and the Riptides as I thoroughly love coaching swimming!!

We are extremely fortunate to have a coach within our club that is so passionate and extremely knowledgeable about all areas of swimming.  Cory’s experience as a competitive swimmer at a variety of levels has proven to be a real asset to advancing our swimmers.  Everyone loves Cory!! 

Assistant Coaches:

Kai Thoresen

I’ve been coaching in Lloydminster with the team since 2017, but I’ve also been coaching since 2013.  I started swimming in 2006 at the age of 7 and have been at it ever since.  I typically do the long distance events at meets and coach when I am not swimming, so be sure to look for me in the water just as often as you’d look for me at the coaches table with the Lloydminster coaches.  When I’m not coaching the kids in during the summer I am away at University studying to be a history teacher and I also work as a lifeguard and swimming lessons instructor.  I have continued to advance my coach qualifications through taking my Coaching 201 last year.  If you have any questions or concerns about how your child is doing during the season, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to meet with you.  

We are once again happy to have Kai back with our club.  Our swimmers benefit from having a young, vibrant coach who is invested in coaching our swimmers and also getting in the water with them as co-swimmer and a mentor.  

Lauren Thibault

I’m 18 years old and this is my third coaching season.  This is my 7th year with the Lloydminster Rebels and I’m excited to help coach this summer.  During the off season I dance at Alison Lamont School of Dance.  When I’m not at the pool or dance studio, you can probably find me at the FBC attending youth/church or helping with youth/FBC kids.  I have two younger sisters who also swim with the Rebels.  Over the 6 years our family has been involved with this team it has become a big part of our family’s lives, whether it be us spending countless hours at the pool or my mom, along with many other parents, helping behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.  The team has become more like a second family to us.  I’m very thankful for the team I am a part of and am proud to say I am a Rebel!

Welcome back to our club as a coach Lauren.  We are happy to have you on board and look forward to seeing how you will thrive as a coach as well as having you continue to thrive in swimming!

Landon Daschuk

I have always liked swimming, but I never thought I would love swimming until I joined the Jr Rebels when I was 12 years old.  I instantly found that I have a very strong attachment to the competitive swim world.  I am the oldest of four, and all  three of my siblings also swim with the Rebels.  I really enjoy competing and improving each one of my strokes. I have been working on developing my short and long distance swims, and 2 years ago I joined the Riptides Swim Club so I can train year round!  I have my Coach 101 so I can continue to learn from one of the best coaching teams around and I coach for both the Rebels and the Riptides!  I am now submersed in swimming year round, and am learning new ways to compete and train.  I feel coaching will help me become a better all around swimmer, and I will enjoy giving something back to my club!  I will be graduating high school this year and will be attending Brock University in St. Catharine's, Ontario and will be swimming for their varsity team.  

Welcome to the club as a coach Landon.  We are happy you are back for another season, and are looking forward to the coaching knowledge you will share with our swimmers. 

Haley Wickham-Cross

Speed swimming, synchronized swimming (now called Artistic swimming) MY LIFE!
I just turned 19 years old and am attending the local Lakeland College. I am enrolled in the UniversityTransfer program pursing a Nursing Degree. I started as a competitive synchronized swimmer when I was 8 years old. I enjoyed the water so much I joined the Rebels in 2017 as an off season training program and I have continued since. I love teaching and coaching swimming to all ages. I am a certified level 1 Artistic Swimming coach. This past summer I took the Coach 101 so that I could coach speed swimming. This will be my second year of coaching with the Rebels. I also work at the Lloydminster swimming pool teaching Red Cross swimming lessons and lifeguarding. When I am not at the pool I can be found at our greenhouse/garden centre. The Rebels club took us in (my mum and I) and made us a part of their club right from the day I started. I look forward to being a part of the Rebels club as an athlete and as a coach this next summer.

Welcome back Haley, we are proud of your accomplishments this year and look forward to having you coach on our team again this season!

Al Etherington

As a previous swimmer in my junior years, I’ve always had a passion for the sport of swimming, even though I wasn’t involved with it for many years.  I introduced both my kids to swimming at a very early age and they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.  As soon as they were of age to register in a competitive club, we found the Rebels!  At first it was just Stefani learning, training, competing and loving the sport.  I started officiating at meets so I could be on deck and feel like I was more involved.  That soon turned into me getting back into the pool competing after more than 30 years! I knew I wasn’t going to break any records, but being a part of what my kids were doing was my goal.  Once Alex entered the club I seemed to gravitate more to helping with coaching and still kept competing so I could be in a relay race with my kids from time to time.  Maybe because I like to help all the kids in the Rebels thrive in this sport or maybe it’s because I just didn’t want to sit upstairs in the sweltering viewing area, that I decided to take another step and received my Swimming 101 certificate a few year back.  This year, if I can find time, I would like to upgrade my certification to the Swimming 201.  I hope I could then help the club even more.  My family is now into our 10th year with the Rebels.  I’ve seen some great kids come and go.  I’ve seen kids who couldn’t do a lap at their first practice, to being Provincial bound a few short years later.  I can’t wait for another season and to be able to watch as the swimmers learn and grow from being a part of the bigger family.  Go Rebels!!

Al also volunteers his coaching time to our club and we sincerely thank him for his contributions throughout the season wherever he can fit it in around his work schedule.

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