The link to register for the 2022-23 Winter Lap Swim season (September 19, 2022 - May 13, 2023) is below:





7:00-8:00PM (MWF) 

7:30-8:30PM (T/Th)





COVID-19 Precautions and Procedure
As with all Aqua Club operations, health and safety of membership and community is the priority. All those participating in Winter lap swim will be required to sign both an activity and COVID-19 waiver. 

We have and continue to monitor guidance to keep Aqua Club safely open and accessible. At this time (9/1) we are planning to operate without online reservations for Winter lap swim. Meaning Winter lap swimmers can come to any winter lap swim time to swim, without a prior online reservation. 

If previous restrictions come into effect we have and can adapt to an online reservation system. For those unfamiliar, Aqua Club’s previous Winter swim season was under COVID-19 capacity restrictions. Aqua Club was able to adapt with an online reservation system, where swimmers could pre-book their swim time and lane. The same or additional systems and protocols could be used, in the event restrictions come into place. 

Previous precautions for individual and collective safety that were made included limited or no access to locker rooms, including indoor showers. Currently (9/1) we will be asking Winter lap swimmers to mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status, namely within the locker rooms and front office. Locker rooms will be accessible to winter lap swimmers, for use of the restroom and changing facilities.  Winter lap swimmers are expected to adhere to posted signage, safety protocol and Aqua Club policy. 

Winter Lap Swim Priority & Availability 
Winter lap swim was first offered to Aqua Club membership, then former Winter Lap swimmers at Aqua Club and then to those who have yet to join membership or Winter Lap swim at Aqua Club. 

Registration for Winter Lap Swim at Aqua Club does not equate to; Aqua Club membership, reserving a spot on Aqua Club membership standard or priority waitlist or preference on a waitlist. Those who are not Aqua Club members that participate in Winter Lap Swim will not be granted member-specific access, amenities or member pricing during the Winter season.

*The Aqua Club fiscal year is Oct 1st to Sept. 30th. Even though the Winter Lap Swim starts a few weeks prior to October 1st, it belongs in the fiscal year starting October 1st. If a member sells their summer membership for the following summer, at any time, they would be considered a non-member winter swimmer, and would be subject to the non-member rate. If someone on the wait list joins the Aqua Club for the following summer, they would be considered a member for winter swimming, and would be eligible for a refund.

Winter Lap Swim Communication 
The contact information provided in registration will be where we communicate  if there are any changes due to maintenance, inclement weather, etc., throughout the Winter season. 

Lockers Available for Rent for Winter
Lockers within the locker rooms are available for rent over the Winter season for lap swimmers. The cost per locker is $25 for the entire Winter season. 

Winter Lap Swim Guests
Registered Winter lap swimmers (both those who are Aqua Club members and not) are allowed to bring guests, for a fee of $10. Guests must complete waivers and comply with Aqua Club guest policy. Winter Lap Swim guests are subject to the same Aqua Club Summer guest limitations (4 times within the season, with a registered Winter Lap Swimmer). Winter Lap Swim guests are extended as an opportunity for swimmer to see and use the pool, though various infrequent circumstances (examples; college-age family member returning for the holidays, swimming with a Winter Lap Swimmer/relative or a training partner looking to see and try out the pool with a Winter lap swimmer). If you would like to increase your Winter Lap Swim registration to household, please reach out to see if there is availability.