About Swim Meets:

All 5 regular swim meets and 1 championship meet are held on Saturday mornings at various locations around central Arkansas throughout June and July.

How does a swimmer enter a meet?
Parents must declare attendance for a meet
through our website by 2:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meet.  This allows time to process/exchange information between hosting and visiting teams and to prepare heat sheets, timing sheets, and other meet materials.

The Parents elects the events they would like the swimmer to swim.  Each swimmer can swim a maximum of four of the five individual events.  The coaches review the swimmers events and approves or makes changes to the swimmers events.  The coaches also make the assignments of the freestyle relays.

When should we be there?
Saturday meets begin at 8:00a.m. Swimmers need to be at the pool AND checked in by 7:00a.m. for warm-ups, unless otherwise stated.

What should we bring?
At most meets there are few seats available, so it’s a good idea to bring lawn chairs. Other items you may want to bring include: umbrellas, sunscreen, camera, low sugar drinks, fruit snacks, battery operated fans, etc.

Who will my child be competing against?
Each child will compete only in his or her age group and only against same sex swimmers.
There are also 4 skill levels/divisions determined by times: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each swimmer will compete only in the category for which s/he qualifies.

What are the age groups?
6 and under; 7-8; 9-10; 11-12; 13-14; 15-18

What are the events?
 6 and under Kickboard, relays, Free Style, Back Stroke, Breast Stroke, Butterly, and Individual medley (IM) 100 yards or meters.  Medley for the 6 and under is the kickboard.

What is the Meet of Champs?
The Meet of Champs (MOC) is the final meet of the season and is held at UALR.
All GOLD and SILVER swimmers automatically qualify to compete at the MOC.
Any BRONZE swimmer who swims one of the top 8 times in an event during the regular season will qualify for MOC.
Times are kept by league officials, and you will be notified if your child qualifies.