We will NOT be placing a group order for swim suits. Each swimmer will receive a t-shirt with their registration, purchasing additional shirts will be for those wishing to purchase extra for family members or extra for their swimmer.

Additional T-Shirts will cost $25 for sizes youth small thru adult large. There is an additional $2 per X over the extra-large size. The deadline for t-shirts will be 5/28. 

Girls Suits are approximately $31

Boy's Jammers are approximately $25

You can go to www.swimoutlet.com and place an individual order.

Boys Jammers sizes 28-40 code: 20877 in black and red

Boys Jammers sizes 22Y-26Y code: 8117062 in black and red

Girls Swimsuits sizes 28-40 code: 19797 in black and red

Girls Swimsuits sizes 22Y-26Y code: 8117063 in black and red