1.  Meet of Champs will be held at the Cabot pool this year, July 23, 2021.
  2. Morning Warm-Ups at 7:00am (10 and Under).  Morning Meet Start at 8:00am.  Afternoon Warm-Ups at 12:30pm (11 and up).  Afternoon Meet Start at 1:30pm.  The doors should be open by 6:30am on Saturday morning.
  3. ALL qualifying swimmers will receive a gift from CASL for qualifying for MOC.  Please be sure to check in at the Barracuda table to receive your gift. 
  4. If you have not paid your fees, you must do so at the check-in table when receiving your gift.  Fees will be $15-20, depending on what is decided by CASL.  We will let you know once we know.
  5. If you are bringing food for the hospitality room, please note it is located behind the diving boards.
  6. We have complete access to the gym for you to set up.  You can bring bag chairs in here, but there can be NO BAG CHAIRS IN THE POOL AREA OR ON THE POOL DECK.
  7. PLEASE DO NOT GO BEHIND THE BLOCKS!!!  NO PARENTS ALLOWED BEHIND THE BLOCKS!! This will be strictly enforced by safety marshals. 
  8. Clerk of course will be located by the diving boards.  Make sure your swimmers know this location. If a swimmer misses a race, there will be no reseeding for another opportunity.
  9. In years past, there has been an announcer in the gym announcing events and calling for swimmers to go to COC.  If there is not, and even if there is, it is YOUR responsibility to follow the meet and ensure your swimmer makes it to the correct location.  If a swimmer misses a race, there will be NO make ups in an empty lane, as the meet is seeded in such a manner there are no empty lanes.
  10. Since the Gym is 100% ours, we need to keep the fitness center lobby area empty (not the facility lobby where we have t-shirt sales and heat sheet sales setup - the inside fitness center lobby.)
  11. Heat sheets will be sold for $5 and include BOTH sessions.
  12. MOC T-Shirts will be sold.  They are $15 per shirt, $18 for XXL.  Bring your money and buy early as they run out fast and it is first come, first serve.  No pre-orders.
  13. It can be cold in the gym, bring a blanket or jacket for the swimmers.
  14. MOC uses the touch pad system.  Coaches will be going over this with the swimmers.  As for parents, there will a score board with swimmers names, times, and place for each event.
  15. Top 3 swimmers in EACH division (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) will receive a MOC medal.  All others will receive a ribbon .