It takes a lot of volunteers to run a swim meet. As you read the job descriptions below, you will see the number of volunteers needed at any one time. The more volunteers we have, the less work each person has to do. This allows the parents to spend more time with their swimmer. At most meets we have two shifts of volunteers. First shift generally includes kickboard, freestyle, and backstroke. Second shift usually includes breaststroke, butterfly, and relays.


Home Meets Only

Meet Set-Up/Clean Up

On the Friday night before home swim meets, the Set-Up crew begins their job. After the pool closes (this includes any Friday night parties), the crew performs the following tasks:

  • Set up The Center folding chairs for spectators
  • Setup the shade shelters for the meet timers
  • Setup the flags for crowd control in unauthorized areas
  • Hang sponsor banners
  • Setup the Clerk of Course areas

The great thing about being a part of the setup crew is you get to setup your own shade shelter on Friday night. This gives you priority seating for the home swim meets.

After the meet, The Clean up Crew does the following:

  • Remove the banners and flags
  • Stacks and stores all the chairs used for the swim meet
  • Takes down and stores the shade shelters for the meet timers
  • Work with the Life Guards to make sure the pool is ready for the community to use


Home and Away Meets

Clerk of Course

This position gets the swimmers setup for their event. The Clerk groups the kids by event and heat. Then he/she makes sure they are in the correct lane order. We usually need at least four volunteers at any one time working in the Clerk of Course area.

Swimmer Runner

This person takes each row of swimmers from the clerk of course to line up area on the pool deck just before they swim.  This person is responsible for ensuring the swimmers stay in the correct order and line up in their designated lane when time.

Stroke and Turn Judge

It is the job of the Stroke and turn judge to observe the race and note if any swimmer is not performing the correct stroke. If they notice a stroke being performed incorrectly they have a form to fill out, the DQ slip, to note the area of disqualification. The individuals in this position need to attend training.

Lane Timer

This position uses a stopwatch to time the swimmers and then enter the time on a form that is used for data entry. There are two timers for each lane, hopefully one from each team. So we need eight timers at all times. This position gets to sit in the shade and has an up close view of every race. They also help the swimmers performing the backstroke by using a kickboard to make sure they do not hit their head on the pool wall.

Back up timer

This person provides a back up timer in the event that a lane timer misses their cue or has stop watch malfunction.  This person also provides a break if necessary and oversees the timers.

Place Judge 

This is another job that gets a great view of the finish line. The place judge notes the order in which swimmers in each lane finishes on another form. For example, which lane is first, second, etc. There are four place judges at all time, two from each team. So we need two volunteers at all times.

Paper Runner

Remember the forms the Stroke and Turn Judges, Lane Timers, Place Judges create? The Runners gather those forms and takes them to the Data Coordinator. We usually need one or two Runners at all times.

Data Entry

Do you love air conditioning, are you detailed oriented, then this is the job for you!  This position takes the forms from the Paper Runner and prepares the data to be entered into the computer system. The Data Coordinator also tapes the results to the wall so the swimmers know their results. This is a position that is needed for both home and away meets

Water Runner

Water Runners take water periodically to all volunteers during a meet to ensure hydration.

Safety Marshalls

Generally we need two Safety Marshalls to ensure pool rules are followed and to assist with crowd control.