The rules of the Horseshoe Bend Swim Team as adopted from the Atlanta Swim Association shall apply at all times, except when in conflict with the local rules herein.

14.2.1 The HBCC Swim Team will operate in agreement with the Swim Team Agreement signed by an HBCC Officer and the HBCC Swim Representative prior to the beginning of each season.

14.2.2 All members of the swim team must be Horseshoe Bend CC member with swim privileges. 

14.2.3 Swimmers must be between the ages of 4 and 18 on June 1, 2013.

14.2.4 The HBCC Mustang Swim Team is a club team in a recreational league. Swim Practices are held in order to help swimmers improve their strokes and learn new strokes. Swim team practice is not a time to teach basic swim lessons. The ratio of coaches to swimmers is too great to provide a one-on-one lesson experience. While we want to encourage younger children to swim and help them perfect their strokes, parents should consider doing some pre-season lessons to help get children ready for the season in order to have a safe and fun summer.

14.2.5 All swimmers who meet the requirements above must register with the HBCC Mustangs and the ASA prior to May 1st.

14.2.6 Swim Team swim suits and caps will be available to order at registration.

14.2.7 Swimmers are expected to be punctual and remain in the pool area during their practices and meets.

14.2.8 Swimmers are expected to be respectful of their coaches, volunteers, and fellow swimmers.

14.2.9 Profane language, wrestling and horseplay are not acceptable. Playing in the parking lot, around the traffic circle and on the golf course will not be tolerated.

14.2.10 During practice, swimmers are not allowed in any pool unless it is their scheduled practice time or they have received permission from the coaches.

14.2.11 The diving well, wading pool, adult pool, and beach area are closed during all swim practices and swim meets.

14.2.12 Inclement Weather Swim practices of any kind will not be held if it is raining hard or if there is any threat of lightning. Land drills may be held if it is particularly cold. Parents must use their own judgment as to whether their child should participate in any given practice. Swim meets will not be held if it is raining hard or if there is any threat of lightning. Once lightning is spotted, we are required to wait one hour, in most cases, or reschedule the meet. In some cases, swim meets may be called off if enough events are completed, but it is preferred that we finish all individual events before a swim meet is called.

14.2.13 The swimmer’s age group is based on the age of the swimmer on June 1 2013. For example, if a swimmer turns 7 on June 1st, he or she would race as a 7 year old. If that swimmer turns 7 on June 2nd then he or she races the whole season as a 6 year old. There are six age groups: 6 & Under, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, and 15 & Up.

14.2.14 Parents must declare their swimmer(s) for each swim meet. The deadline for declaring meets will be the Sunday prior to the meet in question. Every parent is required to visit our site (www.swimhbcc.com) to declare if their swimmers will swim. Swim coaches will make swim meet line-ups from the list of declared swimmers.

14.2.15 Bullpen parents are also responsible for seeing that their swimmers get to their assigned bullpen in plenty of time for their race. Please watch the event board, listen to the announcer and know where your swimmers are at all times.

14.2.16 All swimmers must sit in their designated team bullpen at swim meets. Swimmer leaving their bullpen must check in with a bullpen parent so they know where all of their swimmers are.

14.2.17 No outside food and beverage is permitted on Club property during swim meets.

14.2.18 A communication folder will be setup for each swimmer and will be available at all swim practices. Ribbons, notices, and important information will be placed in the folder. Be sure to check your individual folder daily.

14.2.19 Swim Meets are very busy and coaches have numerous responsibilities, please refer to General Rules 1.15 and 1.16 on how to handle complaints.

14.2.20 All General Swim Center Rules apply during all swim team practices and meets.


15.1 The crossing of club property for river access is strictly prohibited.
15.2 Entry to and exit from the river via club property is prohibited at all times.



14.1.1 Swimming is permitted only during open hours of the pool. Use of the pool facilities at the Club at any time is at the swimmer’s own risk.

14.1.2 Members and immediate family must enter the Swim Center at the control desk and register themselves and their guests.

14.1.3 Members and their immediate family may use the pool at no charge; guests must be accompanied by a Member; Members will be charged on their Club account for guest fees (no cash accepted).

14.1.4 Proper ID is required for entry to Swim Center. Age ID is required for purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

14.1.5 The pool and surrounding pool areas will be closed during inclement weather.

14.1.6 Fifteen (15) minutes of each hour is reserved for adult swim and as a rest period for children.

14.1.7 Children under the age twelve (12) are not permitted in the swimming pool areas unless accompanied by an adult or parent. Parents may swim with children under four (4) during adult swim.

14.1.8 The wading pool is for the enjoyment of children ages four (4) and younger. Parents are responsible and must accompany their children while in the wading pool area.

14.1.9 The beach area neighboring the wading pool is for the enjoyment of all pool guests.     
   The following rules apply to the “beach”: Throwing sand is not permitted. Putting sand in any pool is not permitted. Sand castles may be built in the beach area only.
             No sand castle may be built on any part of the pool deck. Excessive digging in the beach area is not permitted. Dumping pool water into the beach area is not permitted.

14.1.10 Non-swimmers may use lifeguard-approved flotation devices but must remain in the shallow end of the pools. No other flotation devices may be used in the pools.

14.1.11 The adult pool is for the enjoyment of adults only. No one under the age of eighteen (18) will be allowed to use this pool or be in the pool area unless otherwise authorized by Club Management.

14.1.12 Any child requiring the use of diapers is not permitted in any of the pools without wearing swim diapers and properly fitted plastic swim pants. Swim attire with built-in plastic pants (not mesh) are permissible provided the pants are tightly fitted around the legs. Any child without proper attire is required to immediately exit the pool. No child subject to provision of 14.1.12 is permitted in the main/lap pool beginning at 3:00 pm of the day prior to an HBCC home swim meet through the conclusion of the meet. Such action prevents the possibility of pool closure due to contamination and subsequent cancelation of a swim meet. A Member whose child and/or guest are found in violation of rule 14.1.12 and/or is subject to a warning upon first occurrence. Each subsequent violation, after having received a warning, is subject to a $100 fine, assessed to Member’s account. A Member whose child and/or guest subject to rule 14.1.12 creates a contamination incident causing closure of a pool will be fined $500, assessed to Member’s account.

14.1.13 No running, pushing, ducking, splashing, ball playing or Frisbee-throwing is allowed in the pool or around the pool areas.

14.1.14 No floats (other than as prescribed in Rule 14.1.10), beach balls or inner tubes are allowed in the pools unless authorized by Club Management for a special event.

14.1.15 No recreational swimming is allowed in the diving area.

14.1.16 No diving is allowed in any areas other than the diving area of the family pool.

14.1.17 Only one diver is allowed on the board at a time; all others waiting to dive must do so on the pool deck behind the board.

14.1.18 No standing or sitting on lane ropes is allowed.

14.1.19 No food or beverage is allowed in the pool.

14.1.20 No smoking is permitted within Swim Center.

14.1.21 No glass or breakable items of any kind are allowed in or around the pools.

14.1.22 Climbing on or over area fences is prohibited.

14.1.23 Audible music, unless provided by HBCC is not allowed at the Swim Center.

14.1.24 Any person known to be physically sick or to have any communicable disease will not be allowed in the pools.

14.1.25 Swimming lessons, groups and private, are available from the Swim Center staff; contact the pool manager for further information. Lessons by unauthorized professionals are prohibited.

14.1.26 Snorkeling equipment is not to be used in the pool area except as part of an organized course of instruction.

14.1.27 All persons using the pool furniture are required to cover the furniture with a towel when using suntan lotions, as the use of these preparations stain and damage the furniture.

14.1.28 All persons using the pool area are urged to cooperate in keeping the area clean by properly disposing of towels, cans, trash, etc.

14.1.29 Private parties may be held in the pool area from time to time with the prior approval of the Club. Arrangements must be made with the Swim Manager in advance.

14.1.30 The pool staff has full authority to enforce these rules and regulations.

14.1.31 No personal coolers are allowed.

14.1.32 Parking is not permitted in the cul de sac or along the driveway adjacent to the Swim Center, an automatic $20.00 fine will be charged to Members improperly parked.