AUGUST 19TH, 2012

It was a bittersweet ending to the 2012 Lethbridge Orcas season. The Orcas came into the Provincial Championship Meet in Edmonton on the weekend of August 18th and 19th looking to wrap up their third-straight ASSA Provincial Championship. After cleaning house in the most successful Regional Championships in club history the previous weekend in Lethbridge, the Orcas had their eyes on the prize. Despite the momentum, the Orcas faced some adversity as a strep throat infection had spread throughout many of the senior swimmers throughout the week leading up to the Provincial Championships. The illness combined with unorganized meet management and a very lifeless meet atmosphere did not provide the best conditions for many Orcas to swim as well as they did at the Regional Championships. Unfortunately, handfuls of the Orca swimmers swam slower than their performances as the Regional Championship and the Orcas found themselves back in third place in team scoring after the first day of competition – nearly 100 points back of the leader. 

“The meet environment was really disappointing. There was no scoreboard, no announcing, no music and very little cheering. Definitely not what you would expect for a Championship Meet,” said Head Coach Kent Aitchison, “On the first day, as a team, we struggled to find that excitement and sense of thrill that we would normally have at Provincials. We did have some really good individual performances, but it wasn’t a typical Orca performance. It was such a contrast to the outstanding atmosphere we had at Regionals in Lethbridge. We had to find a way to make the meet exciting and elevate our team’s performance. Sunday was a different story.” 

The Orcas came storming back on the second day of the competition and looked like the team that has dominated Alberta Summer Swimming for the past three seasons. Race after race, Orca swimmers found a way to move up the standings and contribute to closing the gap on first place in the overall standings. 

“It was like a movie,” said Aitchison, “Our spirits were down and we were underperforming, and all of a sudden things started to change. The kids really woke up after our team meeting on Sunday morning. Swimmers of all ages fed off each other’s performances and the support they had for each other was remarkable. Some of our older swimmers did an amazing job of keeping everyone excited and involved in the meet.”


Relay swims, team spirit and leadership from older swimmers like Brooke French (far right) helped the Orcas bounce back on Sunday

The Orcas seemed to be writing a script for a classic come-from-behind victory and capped the weekend off with outstanding performances in the Freestyle Relay Event that saw numerous Orca relay teams move up in their rankings and claim podium finishes. Unfortunately, the Orcas ran out of time and ended up placing second in overall scoring with 466 points – one single point behind the Edmonton Huma Swim Club that scored 467. Needless to say, this was the closest margin of victory in ASSA Provincial Championship history. 

“I think the team had a hard time swallowing such a small margin of victory, especially knowing we didn't swim as well as we are capable of. One point is such a frustrating thing to think about, but by no means is it a reason to think that this season wasn’t a success,” Aitchison stated. “Myself and the other coaches are really really proud of the way we bounced back on Sunday. We had a ton of impressive individual performances all weekend. The team spirit we have is far and above any other team in the province. We were literally the only team cheering all weekend. This was a good learning experience too, for both the swimmers and the coaches. If the meet atmosphere is substandard compared to where we think it should be, we’ll know how to adapt and make it exciting our own way.”

The Orcas had numerous highlights throughout the weekend. Jens Watt broke the ASSA Provincial Record in the Boys 9-10 25m Breaststroke. The relay team of Elizabeth Pedersen, Ami Tipper, Andrea Tkach and Keely Hopkins re-broke their own Provincial mark that they set at Regionals in the Girls 15-17 200m Medley Relay. Hopkins also won a perfect four gold individual medals in the Girls 15-17 Category and was named the ASSA Female Athlete of the Year.

Jens Watt broke the ASSA Provincial Record in the Boys 9-10 25m Breaststroke

Girls 15-17 Medley Relay Record was broken again,
 L-R: Tipper, Tkach, Hopkins & Pedersen

Hopkins was named ASSA Female Athlete of the Year and was the third Orca in club history to do so

The Orcas easily had the strongest relay results in the province. 12 relay medals were won by Orca teams. The Orcas coaches were very impressed and proud of the swimmers that drove all the way to Edmonton to swim in relay events. Lauren Kwan, Zoe Letourneau, Caileigh Sheppard, Kira Armstrong, Hailey Imeson, Will Kwan, Owen Gallagher, Charlie Tone, Harison Isfeld, Tristen Harvey, Kasson Nelson and Zane Letourneau all showed outstanding commitment to the team by travelling to Edmonton and competing at the meet. The team would not have as much success as it does if it was not full of committed swimmers and families. Complete relay results are below:


6th - Girls 10 & Under Medley Relay: Isabelle Petry, Madeline V-Elzen, Indyana Isfeld & Charlotte V-Elzen

16th – Girls 12 & Under Medley Relay: Lauren Kwan, Ali Fournier, Amy Benzie & Zoe Letourneau

GOLD – Girls 14 & Under Medley Relay: Danielle Price, Shannon Healy, Keeley Watt & Taylor Walls

GOLD  - Girls 17 & Under Medley Relay: Elizabeth Pedersen, Ami Tipper, Andrea Tkach & Keely Hopkins

SILVER – Girls 17 & Under Medley Relay: Brooke French, Sara Copps, Caitlin Langhofer & Shannon Copps

5th – Girls Open Medley Relay: Alexa Benzie, Allison Price, Rachel Tkach & Caileigh Sheppard

8th – Girls 10 & Under Freestyle Relay: Isabelle Petry, Madeline V-Elzen, Indyana Isfeld & Charlotte V-Elzen

13th – Girls 12 & Under Freestyle Relay: Hailey Imeson, Kira Armstrong, Lauren Kwan & Amy Benzie

GOLD – Girls 14 & Under Freestyle Relay: Danielle Price, Shannon Healy, Keeley Watt & Taylor Walls

GOLD  - Girls 17 & Under Freestyle Relay: Elizabeth Pedersen, Ami Tipper, Andrea Tkach & Keely Hopkins

SILVER – Girls 17 & Under Freestyle Relay: Allison Price, Sara Copps, Caitlin Langhofer & Shannon Copps

5th – Girls Open Freestyle Relay: Alexa Benzie, Allison Price, Rachel Tkach & Caileigh Sheppard



4th – Boys 8 & Under Medley Relay: Cole Wirun, John Vanden Elzen, Devlan Sheppard & Will Kwan

SILVER – Boys 10 & Under Medley Relay: David Kindley, Jens Watt, Erik Godwin & Ethan Fisher

11th – Boys 10 & Under Medley Relay: Owen Gallagher, Zane Letourneau, Kasson Nelson, Tristen Harvey

GOLD – Boys 12 & Under Medley Relay: Garrett Myles, Graeme Godwin, Isaac Benke & Malcolm Fisher

5th – Boys 14 & Under Medley Relay: Ty Moline, Sylvan Stein, Kai Bailey & Keilan Hakstol

4th – Boys 17 & Under Medley Relay: James Kwan, Owen Guyn, Tate Tolman & Spencer Haney

6th – Boys Open Medley Relay: Alex Senneker, Nate Heyburn, Jason Isfeld & Justin Myles

5th – Boys 8 & Under Freestyle Relay: Cole Wirun, John Vanden Elzen, Devlan Sheppard & Will Kwan

BRONZE – Boys 10 & Under Freestyle Relay: Owen Gallagher, Charlie Tone, Harison Isfeld & Kasson Nelson

GOLD – Boys 12 & Under Freestyle Relay: Garrett Myles, Graeme Godwin, Nate Heyburn & Malcolm Fisher

8th – Boys 14 & Under Freestyle Relay: Ty Moline, Sylvan Stein, Justin Myles & Keilan Hakstol

BRONZE - Boys 17 & Under Freestyle Relay: James Kwan, Owen Guyn, Tate Tolman & Spencer Haney

6th – Boys Open Freestyle Relay: Alex Senneker, Jonathan Colp, Jason Isfeld & Kai Bailey




Relays are a very important part of the Orcas 

Nearly forty individual medals were won by the Orcas. Devlan Sheppard, Jens Watt, Keeley Watt, Keely Hopkins, Elizabeth Pedersen & Rachel Tkach were able to claim at least one individual gold medal. All medal winners and each swimmers best individual performance is listed below:

  • Kai Bailey (13) – 100m Butterfly (11th)

  • Isaac Benke (12) – 100m Butterfly (6th)

  • Alexa Benzie (18) – 50m Freestyle (6th)

  • Amy Benzie (12) – 50m Breaststroke (BRONZE) & 100m Breaststroke (BRONZE)

  • Jonathan Colp (18) – 200m Freestyle (10th)

  • Sara Copps (15) – 100m Breaststroke (6th)

  • Shannon Copps (17) – 100m Breaststroke (4th)

  • Ethan Fisher (10) – 50m Freestyle (10th)

  • Malcom Fisher (12) – 50m Breaststroke (9th)

  • Ali Fournier (11) – 100m Breaststroke (16th)

  • Brooke French (16) – 800m Freestyle (4th)

  • Erik Godwin (10) – 25m Breaststroke (4th)

  • Graeme Godwin (12) – 100m Breaststroke (6th)

  • Owen Guyn (15) – 50m Freestyle (5th)

  • Keilan Hakstol (14) – 800m Freestyle (8th)

  • Spencer Haney (17) – 50m Breaststroke (16th)

  • Shannon Healy (14) – 50m Breaststroke (SILVER) & 100m Breaststroke (SILVER)

  • Nate Heyburn (12) – 50m Breaststroke (12th)

  • Keely Hopkins (15) – 50m Freestyle (GOLD), 100m Freestyle (GOLD), 200m Freestyle (GOLD), 400m Freestyle (GOLD)

  • Indyana Isfeld (10) – 25m Butterfly (9th)

  • Jason Isfeld (42) – 100m Butterfly (4th)

  • David Kindley (10) – 25m Backstroke (7th)

  • James Kwan (16) – 100m Butterfly (4th)

  • Caitlin Langhofer (16) – 50m Freestyle (4th)

  • Ty Moline (14) – 50m Backstroke (4th)

  • Garrett Myles (12) – 100m Backstroke (6th)

  • Justin Myles (14) – 400m Freestyle (16th)

  • Ryan Nelson (32) – 100m Breaststroke (6th)

  • Elizabeth Pedersen (15) – 50m Butterfly (GOLD), 100m Butterfly (GOLD), 50m Backstroke (SILVER) & 100m Backstroke (SILVER)

  • Isabelle Petry (8) – 25m Backstroke (BRONZE)

  • Allison Price (15) – 50m Breaststroke (8th)

  • Danielle Price (12) – 50m Backstroke (BRONZE)

  • Alex Senneker (19) – 50m Butterfly (SILVER), 50m Freestyle (SILVER), 100m Freestyle (SILVER), & 100m Backstroke (SILVER)

  • Devlan Sheppard (8) – 25m Backstroke (GOLD) & 50m Freestyle (BRONZE)

  • Sylvan Stein (13) – 50m Butterfly (14th)

  • Amirita Tipper (16) – 50m Breaststroke (SILVER), 100m Backstroke (BRONZE) & 100m Breaststroke (BRONZE)

  • Andrea Tkach (16) - 50m Butterfly (SILVER), 50m Freestyle (SILVER) & 100m Freestyle (SILVER

  • Rachel Tkach (18) – 100m Butterfly (GOLD), 50m Backstroke (SILVER), 200m IM (BRONZE) & 100m Backstroke (GOLD)

  • Tate Tolman (16) – 100m Butterfly (9th)

  • Charlotte Vanden Elzen (9) – 50m Backstroke (10th)

  • John Vanden Elzen (7) – 25m Breaststroke (13th)

  • Madeline VandenElzen (10) – 25m Breaststroke (SILVER)

  • Taylor Walls (14) – 50m Butterfly (4th)

  • Jens Watt (10) – 25m Breaststroke (GOLD) & 50m Breaststroke (GOLD)

  • Keeley Watt (14) – 100m Breaststroke (GOLD) & 50m Breaststroke (BRONZE)

  • Cole Wirun (8) – 25m Freestyle (7th)

The Orcas now have their sights set on May 1st, 2013. The first official day of the next summer swimming season where they will be looking to reclaim their Provincial Championship Title. 

AUGUST 16TH, 2012

AUGUST 12TH, 2012

Recent history of the Lethbridge Orcas Summer Swim Club suggests that they may be approaching a “peak” of what they are able to accomplish. Don’t tell that to the squad that competed at the Alberta Summer Swimming Association’s Region F Championships at the Max Bell Regional Aquatic Center this past weekend. Personal bests piled up, medals were awarded left and right and records fell as the Orcas claimed their 8th straight Region F Championship Title. The Orcas won the meet by scoring over 1700 points – 1100 more than the runner up. The main factor for such a dominating performance can be attributed to the team’s immaculate “peaking” for Championship Season. An extraordinary and all-time team record 305 personal best times were attained by the Orcas over the course of the weekend. Ethan Fisher (10) was the king of the best time count as he attained 7 total personal bests between his preliminary and final session swims. Click on the picture below below to view the long list of personal best performances.


The meet was also a qualification event for the Alberta Summer Swimming Provincial Championships in Edmonton on August 18th& 19th. The Orcas qualified a whopping 60 swimmers to swim in the Alberta Capital. 182 medals were won by Orcas swimmers – 79 of them gold. PIctured below, Taylor Walls (14), Danielle Price (12), Alex Senneker (19) & Keely Hopkins (15) lead the medal haul with a “Phelps-like” 6 gold medals in 6 events.

Taylor Walls, Danielle Price, Alex Senneker and Keely Hopkins did not lose a single race on the weekend

Amy Benzie (12), James Kwan (16), Ty Moline (14), Garrett Myles (12), Elizabeth Pedersen (15), Isabelle Petry (8), Devlan Sheppard (8), Ami Tipper (16), Andrea Tkach (16), Rachel Tkach (18), Charlotte Vanden Elzen (9), Madeline Vanden Elzen (10), Keeley Watt (14) & Cole Wirun (8) claimed 6 medals of various colours in their respective age categories. Keeley Watt and Taylor Walls pulled off a truly rare feat by tying for Gold to the 1/100th of a second in the 13/14 Girls 50m Butterfly.   Normally a rare feat, but apparently not on this weekend, the Orcas swept the podium with a 1-2-3 finish in the following events:

  • Girls 9/10 50m Freestyle – Charlotte Vanden Elzen, Madeline Vanden Elzen, & Indyana Isfeld

  • Girls 15-17 50m Freestyle – Keely Hopkins, Andrea Tkach & Caitlin Langhofer

  • Girls 15-17 50m Butterfly – Elizabeth Pedersen, Andrea Tkach & Caitlin Langhofer

  • Girls 15-17 100m Freestyle – Keely Hopkins, Andrea Tkach & Caitlin Langhofer

  • Girls 15-17 100m Breaststroke – Ami Tipper, Shannon Copps & Sara Copps

  • Boys 18 & Over 50m Freestyle – Alex Senneker, Stephen Tkach & Ryan Nelson

  • Boys 18 & Over 50m Butterfly – Alex Senneker, Jason Isfeld & Jonathan Colp


The Orcas brought a team-record twelve 6 & Under swimmers to the meet

Orcas Team Spirit is always a big part of the club`s success

Despite knowing that optimal performances are still to be seen at the ASSA Provincial Championships in Edmonton, a handful of Orcas assaulted the Provincial and Regional Record books. Keely Hopkins led the way by smashing three individual provincial records in the 50m, 100m & 200m Freestyle. Ami Tipper also broke her own provincial mark in the 50m Breaststroke. Hopkins and Tipper teamed up with Elizabeth Pedersen and Andrea Tkach to set new records in the Girls 15-17 200m Medley Relay and 200m Freestyle Relay. All of these records are likely to fall again in Edmonton along with a slew of other events that are well within striking distance by a handful of different Orcas. 

The Orcas coaches were very proud of every single swimmer that came out to compete at the Regional Championships. Head Coach Kent Aitchison commented, "This is what competitive swimming is all about. Every single one of our competitors contributed to our team's success and all had multiple opportunities to perform their best possible individual performances. Our members really buy into this mentality and I think it is why we have had such tremendous success in recent years". The Orcas are looking to solidify themselves as a dynasty when they go for their third-straight ASSA Large Team Provincial Title this weekend. 


The Orcas captured their 30th consecutive Region “F” win this past weekend in the Crowsnest Pass. The Orcas had a bit of a sluggish start, but were back on track later in the morning session. Thirteen of the Orcas won aggregate medals. In the Girls 9&10 Madeline Vanden Elzen captured a bronze medal. In the 11&12 category Danielle Price was 3rd and Amy Benzie was 1st. Keely Watt won a silver medal in the Girls 13&14 category. In the 15-17 category Keely Hopkins and Ami Tipper tied for bronze while Elizabeth Pedersen claimed gold. On the boys side of the 15-17 category James Kwan and Tate Tolman tied for a bronze medal. In the 18&over category Rachel Tkach and Melia Tipper went “1-2” on the girls side. Ryan Nelson took home a bronze medal while Alex Senneker won gold in the 18&Over Boys category. The Orcas enjoyed their 30th straight Region F win, but have their sights set on both the Region F and ASSA Provincial Championships coming up in the next two weekend. The Orcas are sending their largest contingent in club history to the Region F Championships and will be looking to "warm-up" their Provincial Championship three-peat run.

JULY 28TH, 2012

The Orcas continued their swimming dominance by capturing their 29th straight Region "F" Meet Gross Trophy win at the Medicine Hat Hurricanes Invitational on the weekend. Orca swimmer Keely Hopkins had a busier than normal schedule this weekend as she also swam at the Canadian Age Group National Championships on Thursday. It was only the fourth ever appearance at the National Championships by a swimmer from the Alberta Summer Swimming Association. Hopkins competed in the 100-Meter Freestyle and posted a Top-25 finish. At the Medicine Hat meet, Paul Vanden Elzen started off the medal run for the Orcas capturing a silver medal in the 6&U category. In the boys 8&U, Cole Wirun claimed the silver medal. In the 9&10 category the Orcas were able to obtain 2 medals. The first was on the Girls’ side with Madeline Vanden Elzen taking home silver while the other was a bronze medal by David Kindey. Soleil Letourneau continued her control in Region F competition by capturing 4 first place finishes and a gold medal in the 11&12 category. Ty Moline also went undefeated on the day and was able to capture the gold medal in the boys 13&14 category. In the Girls 15-17 category, Keely Hopkins finished with a silver aggredate and Andrea Tkach took home the bronze. On the boys side of 15-17, Owen Guyn swam to a silver medal performance. The Orcas rounded out the medal count with three medals in the Masters (18 & Over) Category. Rachel Tkach and Melia Tipper provided a 1-2 punch with Gold and Silver aggregates respectively. Mark Mundell’s distance swims contributed to his Gold Medal Aggregate. The Orcas look forward to claiming a historic 30th straight meet victory at the last regular season meet of the season in the Crowsnest Pass on August 4th. Click below to download complete Orca results.



Download File


JULY 16TH, 2012

This past weekend the Lethbridge Orcas sustained their winning streak, making it 28, while competing in Nanton. With three meets left until Regionals and Provincials the Orcas were focused on their unrelenting domination of Region F while continuing to tune up for the upcoming championship meets in August. As an added bit of motivation for the club the meet included swimmers from the High River Otters, who usually compete in Region E. The presence of swimmers that the Orcas do not normally get to compete against upped the level of competition throughout the meet. The Masters swimmers, 18 and over, had a strong showing with Aimee Dewacht taking bronze, and Melia Tipper and Rachel Tkach tying for gold on the women’s side, while on the men’s side Stephen Tkach won silver and Jonathon Colp winning gold. Not to be outdone, five swimmers in the 15-17 age group also won medals including Keely Hopkins, Ami Tipper and Elizabeth Pedersen winning bronze, silver and gold respectively on the girls side while Tate Tolman won bronze and James Kwan gold on the boys side. Other medallists include Chayce Macdonald; silver, Madeline Vanden Elzen; bronze, Amy Benzie; bronze, Danielle Price; silver, Taylor Walls; silver, Keeley Watt; gold, and Keilan Hakstol; silver. 

The Orcas were represented by a team record 6 swimmers at the year-round swimming "A" Provincial Championships in Edmonton from July 4th to July 7th, Pictured above, Andrea Tkach (16), Melia Tipper (18), Keeley Watt (14), Keely Hopkins (15), Jens Watt (10) and Ami Tipper (16) represented the Alberta Summer Swimming All Star Team.  After an 8 month off-season and only 6 weeks of training, the ASSA swimmers get to compete against swimmers that train for 11 months out of the year. It is an accomplishment in itself to even qualify for this competition and the group exceeded expectations by showing Alberta they were right where they belonged. 


Andrea, Melia and Ami faced a deep field in the Girls 15 & Over category that included members of the Canadian Senior National Team. Despite not being "primed" for the weekend, the girls raced well and narrowly missed qualifying for "Finals" sessions. This was a bonus meet for the team and the best is to come with six more weeks of training and a taper for the ASSA Provincial Championships. Keeley Watt's highlight of the weekend was qualifying for the "A" Final in the Girl 13-14 50-Meter Breaststroke. This strong performance is likely foreshadowing for Watt's sprint performances during ASSA Championship Season in August.

Jens Watt and Keely Hopkins lead the way for the Orcas contingent and the entire ASSA All Star Team. Jens captured two medals on the weekend. Jens claimed a silver medal in the Boys 10 & Under 50-Meter Breaststroke and a bronze medal in the 100-Meter Breaststroke. This is an outstanding accomplishment especially when considering how much more time year-round swimmers spend in the pool. Jens also had a top-5 finish in the 200-Meter Breaststroke. All three of Jens' breaststroke swims were ASSA All Star Team Records. Hopkins wasn't quite able to reach the podium in the extremely competitive Girls 15 & Over Category, but she most definitely made the most out of her trip to Alberta's Capital City. Hopkins came away with two Top-15 finishes in the 50-Meter and 100 Meter Freestyle Events. Both swims were ASSA All Star Team Records by a large margin. The 100 Meter Freestyle also qualified Keely for the Canadian Age Group Championships later in July. She will become the fourth swimmer in ASSA history to compete in the meet. 

These performances are a reminder that the Orcas are a force to be reckoned with and will be fully loaded on their quest for their third-straight ASSA Provincial Championship in August.

JUNE 25TH, 2012

The Lethbridge Orcas are hosting a summer performance camp from July 16th-20th at the Fritz Sick Pool. As of June 25th, there are spots still avaialble. It's not too late to register! Raise your game for the 2012 ASSA Championship Meets.

For more information:


The Lethbridge Orcas hosted their annual swim meet on Saturday June 23rd. It is the biggest regular season meet in the Alberta Summer Swimming Assocation’s Region “F”. Central Southern Alberta location and the University of Lethbridge’s quality facility attribute to attracting almost 300 swimmers from across the Region. The defending back-to-back Provincial Champions dominated the competition in their hometown. The Orcas had an all-time team record of 106 swimmers compete at the meet and captured the team title by nearly tripling the second place team’s score. Isaac Benke (12), Matteo Caputo (8), Alicia Fournier (11), Christian Gomes (13), Owen Guyn (15), David Kindley (11), Zane Letourneau (7), Ty Moline (14), Peka Mueller (11), and Danielle Price (12) took advantage of the meet atmosphere and posted a perfect 4 personal best performances in their 4 individual swims. The Orcas also had their fair share of aggregate medal winners.  

Chayce McDonald (6), Isabelle Petry (8), Devlan Sheppard (8), Charlotte Vanden Elzen (9), Jens Watt (10), Macey Fuller (13), Owen Guyn (15) and Jonathan Colp (18) took home bronze medal aggregates while Madeline Vanden Elzen (10), Danielle Price (12), Taylor Walls (14), Keeley Watt (14), Ami Tipper (16), Melia Tipper (18) and Mark Mundell (37) claimed silver medals. Amy Benzie (12), Ty Moline (14), Keely Hopkins (15), Rachel Tkach (18) and Alex Senneker (19) dominated their categories and claimed gold medal aggregates.

The coaches were very proud of all the swimmers that swam in their first ever meet with the Lethbridge Orcas.

This was also a last-second opportunity for swimmers to qualify for the ASSA All Star Team. Swimmers that attain year-round swimming “A” Time Standards by the June 25th cut-off date are eligible to compete with the Summer Swimming All Star Team at a Provincial Meet in July. After an 8 month off-season and only 6 weeks of training, the ASSA swimmers get to compete against swimmers that train for 11 months out of the year. Jens Watt (10), Keeley Watt (14), Keely Hopkins (15), Andrea Tkach (16), Ami Tipper (16), Rachel Tkach (18), Melia Tipper (18) and Alex Senneker (19) qualified for the All Star Team. The 8 swimmers is the largest contingent in team history. Although the cut-off to qualify for this team has passed, the number of Orca “A” qualifiers will increase throughout the summer swimming season as a handful of Orcas are already within striking distance. The fact that these time standards are based on swimmers that swim year-round are a testament to the clubs’ excellence.

The meet marked the Orcas’ 27th straight victory, but they will have to wait 3 weeks to extend that streak at the Nanton Marlins Invitational. 

All Star Team Qualifiers, L-R: Melia Tipper, Keely Hopkins, Keeley Watt, Jens Watt, Alex Senneker, Rachel Tkach, Andrea Tkach, Ami Tipper

JUNE 16TH, 2012

The Lethbridge Orcas stormed back to their dominant ways at the Claresholm Kraken Swim Meet this past weekend. Their epic winning streak was extended to 26 as they won the meet by a very large margin. They also claimed the “Net Aggregate” Award at the meet. It was the second time this season that the Orcas were awarded both titles. Swimmers of all ages contributed to the team win. Seventeen of the Orcas captured aggregate medals. In the Boys 8 & Under Category, Devlan Sheppard won bronze. Sisters Charlotte and Madeline Vanden Elzen tied for silver in Girls 9 & 10 Category while Jens Watt claimed a silver on the Boys side. Amy Benzie and Danielle Price went “1-2” in the Girls 11&12 category. For the 13&14 Girls Category, Shannon Healy won bronze while Taylor Walls and Keely Watt tied for the gold aggregate. Keely Hopkins and Ami Tipper went “1-2” in the Girls 15-17 Cateogry while Owen Guyn and Spencer Haney did the same on the Boys side of the same age. In the 18 & Over category, Rachel Tkach and Melia Tipper tied for gold on the Girls side. Alex Senneker and Jonathan Colp rounded out the medal count with a gold and bronze aggregate respectively. Full results are available at The Orcas now look hope to have their largest competitive turnout in club history at the Lethbridge Orcas Invitational at the Maxbell Regional Aquatic Center on June 23rd.

JUNE 9TH, 2012

The Lethbridge Orcas captured their 25th straight Regional Meet victory this past weekend at the Taber Viper Invitational. The Orcas found themselves outnumbered by the host team Taber Vipers and needed a strong showing to keep their streak alive. After a collectively sluggish morning session, the two-time defending Provincial Champions were in jeopardy of having their winning streak snapped. A team meeting during the lunch break rejuvenated the swimmers and Orcas of all ages came alive in the afternoon session. Orca swimmers posted strong and focused performances all afternoon and ended the day with 740 points – nearly 200 more than the second place Vipers. 


Keely Hopkins (above) was the first swimmer to break a club record this year in the Girls 15-17 400m Freestyle while Garrett Myles (above) was the lone Orca to attain a perfect 4/4 personal best times in Taber. Jack Petry (5) participated in his first ever competitive swim meet. 

Aggregate Medal Winners included: Tristen Harvey & Devlan Sheppard (Tie for Bronze, 7/8 Boys), Indyana Isfeld (Bronze, 9/10 Girls), Jens Watt (Gold, 9/10 Boys), Amy Benzie (Gold, 11/12 Girls), Keeley Watt (Gold, 13/14 Girls), Sylvan Stein (Bronze, 13/14 Boys), Ami Tipper (Silver 15-17 Girls), Keely Hopkins (Gold, 15-17 Girls), James Kwan (Gold, 15-17 Boys), Tate Tolman (Bronze, 15-17 Boys), Rachel Tkach (Silver, 18&Over Girls), Melia Tipper (Gold, 18&Over Girls), Jonathan Colp (Silver, 18&Over Boys), and Alex Senneker (Gold, 18&Over Boys).

The Orcas now look to continue their winning streak in Claresholm on June 16th and follow it up with a record-setting weekend in Lethbridge on June 23rd.

JUNE 2ND, 2012

It was another record setting day for the Lethbridge Summer Swim Club in Pincher Creek this past Saturday. The Orcas, with over 1,000 points, won their 24th straight Region F swim meet as a team dating back to 2009. It was a dominating performance where many of the new members of the club were introduced to the winning ways of the Orcas in their first competition. The Orcas also captured the “Net Aggregate” award for the meet which is an award that is usually won by smaller teams. Capturing both titles in one meet is a very rare feat to accompish. Points came from all age groups from 6 and under to 18 and over. There was a sweep in 13 & 14 girls with Taylor Walls winning bronze, Keeley Watt winning silver, and Macey Fuller winning gold. Another sweep was completed in the boys 15-17 with Spencer Haney winning bronze, James Kwan winning silver, and Owen Guyn taking the gold. Other medalists included: Lilly Petry, bronze in girls 6 & U; Chayce McDonald, bronze in boys 6 & U; Cole Wirun, bronze in boys 8 & U; Devlan Sheppard, silver in boys 8 & U; Indyana Isfeld, bronze in girls 9 & 10; Charlotte Vanden Elzen, silver in girls 9 & 10; Jens Watt, bronze in boys 9 & 10; Amy Benzie, gold in girls 11 & 12; Garrett Myles, bronze in boys 11 & 12; Ty Moline, silver in boys 13 & 14; Caitlin Langhofer, bronze in girls 15-17; Ami Tipper and Keely Hopkins, tie for gold in girls 15-17; Melia Tipper, silver in girls 18 & O; Rachel Tkach, gold in girls 18 & O; Jonathan Colp,  tie for gold in boys 18 & O. As part of the overall team points, the relay teams performed very well winning 14 medley and free relays in the different age categories. It is still early in the season; however, the Orcas are proving why they have won the last two provincial titles. Kai Bailey (13), Braedon Bourgoin (7), Tyrone Moline (14), Lily Petry (5) & Jonathan Colp (18) admirably represented the Orcas in their first competition with the team.

MAY 26TH, 2012

The Lethbridge Orcas opened up the 2012 Summer Swimming Season with yet another victory. The two-time defending Provincial Champions extended their Regional Meet winning streak to 23 with a strong team performance in Brooks this past weekend. The Orcas claimed the Brooks Barracuda Invitational Gross Scoring Title with 576 points; beating the second place Taber Vipers by over 100. The Orcas came away with 14 aggregate medals in various age groups. Leading the way for the Orcas was Chayce McDonald who captured his first ever medal in the Boys 6&U category with a silver medal performance. Tristen Harvey swam all 4 morning events on Saturday and came away with a bronze medal in the Boys 7/8 Category. In the Girls 9&10 category, Charlotte Vanden Elzen won 2 events which helped contribute to her bronze medal. On the Boys side of the 9&10, Jens Watt came away with 2 first place finishes and earned a Bronze medal for his efforts. In the Girls 11&12 category, Soleil Letourneau was an unknown force that blew her competition right out the water as she claimed the Gold medal for her first ever weekend as an Orca. On the Boys side of 11&12, Colm Guyn swam some tough distance events that paid off earning him a Silver medal. Keeley Watt took home a gold in the Girls 13&14 category. In the Girls 15-17 Category, the Orca girls monopolized the podium with Andrea Tkach taking Silver and Amirita Tipper and Keely Hopkins tying for the Gold medal. In the boys 15-17 age group, Tate Tolman swam a gruelling 4 distance events back-to-back on Friday night that helped him earn the bronze medal. In the Masters category the Orcas stormed cleaned up with Rachel Tkach taking Silver and Melia Tipper bringing home the Gold. On the Men’s side, Alex Senneker, former Taber Viper reached his first Gold medal performance as an Orca. Marcus Imeson & Jonah Nelson proudly represented the Lethbridge Orcas in their first ever swim meet. The Orcas are in action this week in Pincher Creek as they go for 24 consecutive wins. 

Tate Tolman took one for the team on Friday night by swimming 4 distance events because he couldn't swim on Saturday!


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2011 Lethbridge Orcas Season Recap

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The first swim practice of the 2012 season is on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at the Fritz Sick Pool. Practice will start at 5:50 p.m.

Fritz Sick Pool
420 - 11 Street South
Lethbridge, AB

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