AUGUST 9TH, 2015

The Lethbridge Orcas wrapped up their 11th straight Region F title on Sunday with a commanding win over the rest of the region.  The swimmers abilities in their programs to “peak” during championship season is what has led to the club’s past 11 seasons of success.  An outstanding 289 best times were attained by the orcas over the two day meet.  This ranked as the third most successful best time Regionals meet in club history, falling short of the 322 personal best times attained at the 2013 Region F Championships and the 305 best times in 2012.  Ethan Boras (14), Tyson Chomiak (12), Ben Koskowich (15), James Kwan (19), Tysen Meroniuk (9), and Cole Wirun (11) were the Orcas who achieved a perfect 8 personal best times in 8 individual swims.


(The Orcas are known for their team spirit and this weekend was no different as they showed off a couple loud cheers)


This meet also acted as the qualification meet for the Provincial Championships in Edmonton from August 14 – August 16.  The Orcas qualified 41 swimmers (96 individual swims and 16 relay swims).  

Only four Orcas were able to capture 6 gold medals in 6 races.  The swimmers who swam a “perfect” weekend were: Tyson Chomiak (12), James Kwan (19), Lily Petry (8), and Keeley Watt (17).  Orcas who were able to capture 6 medals of various colours were: Ethan Fischer (13), Malcolm Fischer (15), Katie Franks (8), Aaron Gamble (33), Shannon Healy (17), Sunny Letourneau (14), Garrett Myles (15), Devlan Sheppard (12), Charlotte Vanden Elzen (12), Madeline Vanden Elzen (14), Cole Wirun (11), and Sean Vanderzee (10).


(Left to right: Tysen Chomiak, James Kwan, Lily Petry, and Keeley Watt were the four Orca swimmers to swim a Michael Phelps like performance winning gold in all their races)

Each and every swimmer contributed to the Orcas success this weekend leaving a very proud coaching staff in their wake.  The Orcas now set their sights to the Provincial Championships, the final meet of the season, where they will be competing in the ASSA Large Team Competition.  


JUNE 14TH, 2015

The Lethbridge Orcas captured their second meet victory of the season with a strong performance in Taber.  Orca swimmers captured 17 aggregate medals and a total of 80 individual best times.

Medal winners in Taber were: Elliot Pilsner-Roberts (6U – Bronze), Kaitlin Kozub (6U – Silver), Bentley Togo (6U – Gold), Katie Franks (7/8 – Bronze), Lily Petry (7/8 – Gold), Golden Letourneau (7/8 – Silver), Ottavio Lutterotti (7/8 – Gold), Meredith Franks (9/10 – Silver), Hunter Lutterottie (9/10 – Bronze), Zane Letourneau (9/10 – Silver), Cole Wirun (11/12 – Gold), Kira Armstrong (13-14 – Bronze), Sunny Letourneau (13-14 – Silver), Keeley Watt (15/17 – Gold), Garret Myles (15/17 – Gold), Caileigh Sheppard (Masters – Silver), and James Kwan (Masters – Gold).

3 Swimmers were able to attain best times in all of their swims.  Golden Letourneau and Hunter Lutterotti went 4/4 for best times and Elliot Pilsner-Roberts went 3/3.  7 swimmers swam their first meet as Orcas this weekend.  Congratulations to Kian Gardin-Robinson, Nic Kawchuk, Davida Letourneau, Keetley McAulay, Analise Perry, Emi Polec, and Kai Polec.  Lastly, one swimmer was able to have a “perfect meet” by winning all of their races.  Keeley Watt went undefeated this weekend with 4 wins.

The Orcas are getting hot and will look carry their momentum to their home meet, which will be held at the Max Bell Pool on Saturday, July 20.

Jens Watt (13) came back from injury to achieve best times in half of his swims.

Garrett Myles (15) won 3/4 races to capture the gold medal in the Boys 15-17 age category


JUNE 6TH, 2015

The Lethbridge Orcas came away with a second place finish in the Net and a third place finish in the Gross rankings in Claresholm.  Despite uncharacteristically low numbers, the Orcas brought home a number of aggregate medals in various age categories.  

Bentley Togo competed in his second meet on the weekend and came away with a gold medal in the 6 & Under Category.

Sean Vanderzee (10) raced to a 9-10 aggregate bronze medal in his first swim meet.


Aggregate medal recipients included: Bentley Togo (6 – Gold), Katie Franks (7/8 – Silver), Lily Petry (7/8 – Gold), Sean Vanderzee (9/10 – Bronze), Tyson Chomiak (13/14 – Silver), Sunny Letourneau (13/14 – Bronze), Shannon Healy (15/17 – Bronze), Keeley Watt (15/17 – Bronze), Garret Myles (15/17 – Gold), Megan Heggenstaller (Masters – Silver), James Kwan (Masters – Silver), and Aaron Gamble (Masters – Gold).  In addition, the Orcas combined for 55 best times.  Swimmers who attained best times in 100% of their swims were: Ethan Boras, Tristan Harvey, Sean Vanderzee, Kiera Petrone, and Bentley Togo.  Swimmers making their debut as Orcas were: Zada Mclean-Borggard, Taylor Ginther, Veronica Sandoval, Sean Vanderzee, and Kiera Petrone.  

The Orcas now set their sights to Taber, which will be held at the Aquafun Center on July 13th.   


JUNE 6TH, 2015

It was a successful weekend for the Lethbridge Orcas in Brooks, as they took home the Gross Award and placed second for the net award.  Between 35 swimmers, the Orcas were able to tally 83 best times and 11 aggregate medals.  Recipients of aggregate medals included: Kaitlin Kozub (6 – Gold), Katie Franks (7/8 – Bronze), Lily Petry (7/8 – Gold), Meredith Franks (9/10 – Gold), Tyson Chomiak (11/12 – Silver), Madeline Vanden-Elzen (13/14 – Bronze), Keeley Watt (15/17 – Gold), Caileigh Sheppard (Masters – Gold), Megan Heggenstaller (Masters – Silver), Kara DeClark (Masters – Silver), and Aaron Gamble (Masters – Bronze).  6 swimmers partook in their official meet as an Orca in Brooks.  

Huge congratulations goes out to Colby Pilsner-Roberts, Elliot Pilsner-Roberts, Bentley Togo, Keelin McFadzen, Megan Heggenstaller, and Kara DeClark.  Another shout-out goes out to Coach Aaron Gamble, who came out of retirement, last swimming at a summer club event in 2009, and last swimming for the Lethbridge Orcas back in 1999.

Team Manager Derek Chomiak celebrates Tyson Chomiak’s silver aggregate in the Boys 11-12 Category.

Some Orcas partaking in their first meet warm-up of the season.


12 swimmers attained best times in 100% of their individual swims.  Roshan Bidarianzadeh, Tyson Chomiak, Brooklyn Filipenko, Katie Franks, Meredith Franks, Erik Godwin, Kaitlin Kozub, Sara Kozub, Hunter Lutterotti, Isabelle Petry, Lily Petry, and Bentley Togo were all perfect in swimming only best times this weekend.

The Orcas now shift their focus to Claresholm, where they will be competing on June 6th.