JUNE 18TH, 2016

After a close call last weekend in Pincher Creek, the Orcas were looking to continue their perfect season in Taber.  The Orcas had 68 swimmers compete, which broke the club record for most Lethbridge swimmers to ever compete in Taber.  With these high number of swimmers, the Orcas were able to dominate the field, winning by over 150 points.  14 aggregate medals were brought home by Orca swimmers and 130 individual best times were achieved.
Leading the charge were: Taylor Ginther (6), Ottavio Lutterotti (8), Cole Wirun (12), Devlan Sheppard (12), and James Kwan (20).  All five of these swimmers won all four of their individual events to capture gold medal aggregates and secure all24 out of a possible 24 points for their team.  The Vanden Elzen sisters (Charlotte Vanden Elzen (13) and Madeline Vanden Elzen (14) also had great meets as they each won three out of four of their individual events to tie for the gold aggregate in the 13-14 girl’s category.  Kristy Togo (30) also helped out the cause as she captured the gold medal in the women’s master’s division.  Other large point contributors were: Samantha Clamp (6) who finished third in the girls 6 and under division, Kaitlin Kozub (7) who won silver in the girl’s 7-8 field, Sean Vanderzee (11) who swam to a bronze in the boy’s 11-12 category, David Kindley (14) who placed second for boy’s 13-14, Garret Myles (16) who won silver in the boy’s 15-17 category, and Rachel Tkach (22) who won silver in the girl’s master’s field.
As mentioned in previous articles, a “perfect meet” is when a swimmer achieves best times in every one of their individual swims.  Alejandro Figueroa (12), Alex Ginther (4), Riley Ginther (4), Brooklyn Kimmen (9), Layne Loomer (10), Hannah Lundquist (9), Payton Lundquist (9), Ottavio Lutterotti (8), Luca Nunweiler (6), Jake Odorski (9), Analise Perry (7), Lily Petry (9), and Emi Polec (7) were the Orcas who achieved this impressive task. 
With such high numbers at this meet, the Orcas also had a couple “rookie” or “first-timers” under the Orca swim cap.  Alejandro Figueroa (12), Walter Figueroa (9), Brooklyn Kimmen (9), and Hannah Lundquist (9) all competed in their first (of hopefully many) meets as Orcas. 


Jake Odorski (9) was one of the 13 Orcas to achieve best times in 100% of their individual swims

​Emi Polec (7) was another of the “perfect” Orcas this weekend

​Taylor Ginther (6) won all of her races to capture the gold medal aggregate in the girl’s 6 and under category


​Region F will now go into a period of two weekends off.  Region F action will return in Lethbridge on July 8th and 9th at the University of Lethbridge Pool for the Southern Alberta Summer Games.  A small group of Orcas swimmers will be travelling to High River this weekend to race Region E and to gain more race experience and achieve more best times.  It should be an exciting weekend as they don’t usually get to compete against swimmer’s from the Calgary area until Provincials at the end of August.


JUNE 11TH, 2016

The Orcas shot a “Buzzer Beater” this weekend in the Pincher Creek.  Going into the final heat of relays, the Lethbridge Orcas and the Pincher Creek Dolphins were tied in gross point scoring.  A heat of three Orca relays (12U, 14U, 17U) were able to secure more points than two Dolphins relays (14U, 17U) to win the meet by 4 points.  For those of you unaware of how scoring works, here is a quick explanation.  Points can be won in each age group and event.  A first place finish in an event (i.e. girls 6 and under flutter board, boys 15-17 short free, etc.) will earn 7 points towards their team.  5,4,3,2, and 1 point(s) are also awarded for a 2,3,4,5, and 6th place finish in each event.  To win a meet by four points after a whole day of racing is almost as close as it gets.  To add to our earnings, the Orcas were also able to capture the net point competition.  For this competition, total points are divided by the number of swimmers each club sends to determine each team’s points per swimmer.  Because other teams do not encourage all of their swimmers to attend meets like we do, it is difficult for larger squads to capture this award.  To win both on the same weekend is something to be proud of.
The Orca’s main points contributors were those who were able to win aggregate medals.  In the girl’s 6 and under division, Samantha Clamp (6) bettered her bronze performance from last weekend with a silver finish this weekend.  On the boy’s side, Bentley Togo (5) continued his consistency in his division with a bronze medal finish.  He has secured an aggregate medal at all three meets so far this season.  In the boy’s 8 and under category, Ottavio Lutterotti (8) overcame a DQ in one of his swims to win all 3 of his other individual events.  With the points he earned, he was able to capture a silver aggregate.  Orca’s swimmers won 2 aggregate medals in the boy’s 11-12 category.  Sean Vanderzee (11) was able to swim his way to a bronze medal while Devlan Sheppard won 4/4 of his individual events to claim his first gold aggregate of the season.  Two more aggregate medals were won in the boy’s 13-14 division, as David Kindley (14) and Tyson Chomiak (13) won bronze and silver, respectively.  The boy’s team continued to see high point scoring, as Garrett Myles (16) was able to claim a bronze aggregate in the 15-17 category swimming in his first meet of the season.  The women’s master’s team continued their dominance in region F this past weekend as Kristy Togo (30) and Keeley Watt (18) went 1,2 for the third straight meet.  Lastly, James Kwan (20) continued his undefeated season in the men’s master’s category as he was able to capture his third gold medal of the season.
Along with all of the aggregate medals, the Orca’s were also able to swim 74 best times this weekend.  Nate Miller (10), Bentley Mundell (5), Lily Petry (9), Kennedy Smith (10), and Emmerson Tone (8) were five Orcas who were able to achieve best times in 100% of their individual swims, as these 5 swimmers accounted for 19 of the team’s best times.  Some huge congratulations also need to be given to Addy Miller (7) and Nate Miller (10) who swam in their first meets as Orcas this past weekend weekend!


Devlan Sheppard (12) dominated his age group as he won all four of his individual races this weekend.

Some of the Orcas who won aggregate medals this weekend. Left to Right: Kristy Togo, Bentley Togo, Samantha Clamp, Keeley Watt, Hunter Lutterotti, James Kwan, Ottavio Lutterotti.


​This Orcas will look to continue their winning streak in Taber this coming weekend.  Competition will run at the Taber pool Friday evening (June 17th) and all day Saturday (June 18th).  Stop by and cheer on your home town Orcas if you’re in the area!





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JUNE 4TH, 2016

The Orcas proved again this weekend why they are the number one team in the region.  Coming off their first regional meet win in Brooks last weekend, the Orcas were looking to win their second meet of the season.  Standing in their way, was the rest of region F, including the fierce Claresholm Kraken swim club with 65 registered swimmers.  The slightly smaller group of 54 Orcas accepted the challenge.  The Lethbridge Orcas were able to attain 100 best times and 14 age group aggregate medals to walk away with the gross points award, surpassing the Krakens by over 100 points.
The Orcas had a strong showing in the 6 and under category as Samantha Clamp (6) and Taylor Ginther (6) attained bronze and gold medals, respectively.  Taylor was also the first of five Orca swimmers to win all four of her individual races.  On the boy’s side, Bentley Togo (5) won bronze to win an aggregate medal at his second straight meet.  Tysen Meroniuk (10) was the lone Orca medal winner in the 9-10 category as he swam his way to 3 best times in four swims to earn himself a bronze aggregate medal.  Cole Wirun (12) and Devlan Sheppard (12) dominated the rest of the 11-12 boy’s field as they went one/ two in aggregate awards.  Cole was the second of five Orcas to not lose a race this weekend.  Orcas had a strong showing in the 13-14 girl’s and boy’s categories.  Charlotte Vanden Elzen (13) took home the bronze medal while her sister Madeline Vanden Elzen (14) swam her way to a gold aggregate, as she won all four of her individual events.  Jens Watt (14) had some excellent swims to earn himself a bronze medal.  Kira Armstrong (15) was the only medal recipient in the 15-17 category.  She earned a silver aggregate medal as she finished second in three races and won her other individual event.  For the second straight meet, the Orcas Master’s women’s team found themselves sweeping the podium.  Keeley Watt (18) led the charge, winning all of her individual events.  Kristy Togo (30) and Kara DeClark (22) completed the sweep as they went second and third, respectively.  On the men’s master side, James Kwan (20) took home gold, as he was the fifth Orca swimmer to go 100% in winning individual events this weekend.


Madeline Vanden Elzen (14) won all four of her races in the girl’s 13-14 category 

Cole Wirun (12) was 1 of 5 Orca swimmers to win all 4 of their individual swims this weekend.

Jens Watt (14) qualified for Alberta ‘A’ Provincials after a lightning fast swim in the 50 BR.

​Swimmers that attain year-round swimming “A” Time Standards by the June 20th cut-off date are eligible to compete with the Summer Swimming All Star Team at a Provincial Meet in July. After an 8-month off-season and only 5 weeks of training, the ASSA swimmers get to compete against swimmers that train for 11 months out of the year.  This weekend, the Orcas had their first qualifier.  Jens Watt (14) swam his 50 Breaststroke as though he was shot from a cannon.  He achieved both a best time and a “Provincial A Time Standard” as he went 34.99.  Huge congratulations to Jens, as he achieved a time in just 5 weeks of training, that lots of winter club swimmers cannot achieve swimming year-round.
Other Orcas that deserve a huge congratulation are those who partook in their first ever meet as a Lethbridge Orca.  Dylan Chong (11), Alex Ginther (4), Riley Ginther (4), Avani Grover (7), Tarak Grover (4), Jake Odorski (9), Liam Shannon (8), and Kallen Weighill (5) were these swimmers. 
Orcas who swam best times in 100% of their individual events were: Elyse Burgess (7), Nicole Burgess (7), Tyson Chomiak (13), Abigail Clamp (8), Samantha Clamp (6), Taylor Ginther (6), Avani Grover (7), Jake Odorski (9), Kierra Petrone (10), Liam Shannon (8), John Vanden Elzen (11), Sean Vanderzee (11), and Kallen Weighill (5).
All of the Orcas swam great meets and the coaching staff was very pleased with what they saw.  The Orcas now set their sights on two meets next weekend.  4 swimmers will be competing at Alberta Games trials in Calgary and the rest of the club will be in Pincher Creek, trying to win their third meet of the season.  


MAY 30TH, 2016

The Lethbridge Orcas Summer Swim Club kicked off the 2016 season with a dominating performance in Brooks.  The Orcas sent 44 swimmers to the meet, which was the highest numbers sent to Brooks in club history.  The large group proved that they could back up their quantity with very high quality swims.  A total of 15 aggregate medals were won by Lethbridge swimmers.  In the 6 and under girl’s category, Colby Pilsner-Roberts and Zada McLean-Borggard tied for the bronze aggregate while Andie Smith was able to capture the silver medal.  On the 6 and under boy’s side, Bentley Togo swam his way to his first bronze aggregate of the season.  In the boys 7-8 division, Ottavio Lutterotti was able to capture a gold aggregate as he won all four of his individual races.  Paul Vanden Elzen was able to capture the bronze medal in the boy’s 9-10 category.  For the 11-12 ages, Isabelle Petry swam away with a bronze aggregate on the girl’s side, while Devlan Sheppard raced to a silver aggregate on the boy’s side.  For the 13-14 age group, Madeline Vanden Elzen won the gold aggregate for the girl’s, while David Kindley fought out a silver medal on the boy’s side.  Colm Guyn was the sole Orca medal recipient in the 15-17 category as he walked away with a silver medal.  The Orcas walked away with a sweep in the women’s master’s category as Kara Declark (bronze), Kristy Togo (silver), and Keeley Watt (gold) dominated the rest of the field.  On the men’s master’s side, James Kwan went 4/4 in wins as he earned the gold aggregate.

Bren DelaGarza (14), Robbie DelaGarza (16), Ronnie DelaGarza (11), Karl Dubord (12), Jocelyn Kozub (4), Payton Lundquist (9), Luca Nunweiler (6), Andie Smith (6), Alexa Weighill (8), Eric Wen (11), and Tracy Wen (9) all competed in the first meet as Orcas this past weekend.  Club president, Kristy Togo, also returned to swim for the Orcas after last competing for the Orcas in 2001.  

A “Perfect Meet”, is when a swimmer achieves best times in every event that he/she swims in.  Orcas swimmers who achieved perfect meets were: Ethan Boras (15), Robbie DelaGarza (16), Jocelyn Kozub (4), Payton Lundquist (9), Ottavio Lutterotti (8), Luca Nunweiler (6), Isabelle Petry (12), Colby Pilsner-Roberts (5), Elliott Pilsner-Roberts (7), Andie Smith (6), Cadence Smith (9), Kennedy Smith (10), Bentley Togo (5) and Alexa Weighill (8).

The Orcas will head out to Claresholm next weekend to try to capture win #2 on the season.

The Orcas dominated the field to win the meet by a commanding margin ... ​Left to Right: Kristy Togo, Bentley Togo, Ottavio Lutterotti, James Kwan, Hunter Lutterotti, Keeley Watt, Paul Vanden Elzen, Madeline Vanden Elzen, Kira Armstrong

Ottavio Lutterotti (8) was one of two Orcas swimmers who won all four or their individual events.