Orca Update for the 2021 Swim Season

Shannon Bos

Lethbridge Orca 2021

February 26th, 2021

Registration Letter

We are hoping that all of our Orcas swimmers and families remain healthy and have been able
to adapt to the perpetual changes this past year of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Swim
Alberta, the Alberta Summer Swim Association and the Lethbridge Orcas are excited to plan for
the upcoming swim season. Despite not knowing the exact details of what the summer will
look like, the plan is moving forward to have swimmers back in the water.

Swim Alberta is continuing to provide guidance to all swim clubs, based on updates from the
Government of Alberta on pandemic restrictions. Families, coaches and the Orcas Executive
will be required to adjust as new guidelines and restrictions are implemented by Alberta Health
and our local municipality. For more details on the Return to swimming guidance from Swim
Alberta, please review the following link:
Home - Swim Alberta under COVID-19 Info

There are a number of variables that the Orcas Board are required to consider as we plan to
return to swimming. Some examples include:
- Total number of swimmers registered
- Distancing of 3 meters between swimmers when in the pool at all times
- Total number of swimmers per group
- Time allotment per group in the pool
- Inclusion of safe dryland training for swim groups
- Requirements to comply with gathering restrictions issued by Alberta Health
- Requirements to comply with City of Lethbridge guidelines.

As an example under the current OCMOH Order 02-2021, for a 6 lane pool the maximum
number of swimmers that can be accommodated is 8. The maximum group size is 10
inclusive of the coach. This will obviously limit significantly the total number of swimmers
swimming at any point in time at the Fritz Sick Pool. The one bonus is more swim lane space
per swimmer and smaller group sizes.
The current plan is to return to the pool on May 3rd , 2021

We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate through these next months of
returning to safe swimming for our swimmers, coaches, families and volunteers.
Please stay tuned for ongoing updates. Orcas Board will adjust to any new government and
Swim Alberta guidance and inform our Orcas families.

Early Registration March 1 to 15, 2021
In order to identify the number of interested swimmers, we will be opening on-line registration
for returning swimmers and families. Registration at this time will be for children 5 to 18 years
of age.

Please register early to save your spot(s).
If there is additional capacity to join Orcas in the context of the COVID restrictions, registration
will open to swimmers who have not previously swam with the Orcas on March 16th.
At this time we are unable to open registration for Masters swimmers due to OCMOH order 02-

In order to manage the most likely increased cost of swim lane rentals this upcoming season,
the Orcas Executive have applied to both Federal and Provincial Grants to assist with covering
of costs of facility rentals and coaching fees.
Fund raising has always been an integral component of swim club. There will be more details of
fund raising requirements to come in the near future. Upon review of the Orcas survey from
two years ago, there were recommendations from parents for fund raising to be based on
number of swimmers per family, as opposed to a single family unit.
Given the on-line registration this year, we will request a cheque to cover fund raising costs for
the first day of swimming. At the end of the swim season, if fund raising requirements have
been met, this cheque will not be cashed, similar to previous years.

Fees for the 2021 season:
Group Fees 2021
Mini-Orcas $275
Tier 2 $415
Tier 1 (Performance) $550
Masters $200

Please register your swimmer in group that your child will most likely be in.
For registration questions, please e-mail: [email protected]

Installments of fees
First installment will be required on date of on-line registration
Second installment will be required on April 15 th .

Refund of registration fees:
There are two situations where refunds will take place:
1) If a swimmer withdraws from early registration prior to April 15 th . Full refund will be
offered in this scenario.
2) If Orcas has to cancel further swim activities in the season due to updated guidance
from Swim Alberta and Government of Alberta related to increased pandemic
restrictions, fees will be refunded on pro-rated basis.
Also note: there will be minimal Team Unify processing fee for all on-line registrations that will
not be re-funded

Registration instructions
Please register using the link below that will link to our new website. The new website is
supported by Team Unify; one of the two platforms required by Swim Alberta to register
Orcas website: The registration website will be shared later this week
You will be able to use credit card, or e-transfer option.

Swim Meets
Swim Alberta has developed a draft plan for return to swimming and competition. It is difficult
to confirm at this time, if local, regional and provincial swim meets will take place in usual
fashion. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Orcas and other swim gear
As registration will be on line this year, there will not be a chance to try on swim gear in person.
There will be an opportunity to purchase Orcas gear on line at the beginning of the swim