Orcas Month in Review | May 2021

Shannon Bos
P1 - Joshua
The P1 group has done their best to emulate the aerobic progress they would be making in the pool in a dryland setting. The goal for the month of may was to increase the work capacity of the swimmers and strengthen their cores so that when we enter the pool they have a strong base to build off of. The P1 group has done a great job in attending most practices and pushing them selves beyond their comfortable range. We also spent a large amount of time working on mobility so that once we enter the pool we have the correct movement range to be efficient in the water and prevent injury. 
The May swimmer of the month is Ben. Ben has the highest attendance and a great attitude towards tackling hard practices; his work ethic is commendable.
P2 - Owen
Hello Orcas families! This month has thrown us a few curve balls, but it was great to see how all of the athletes adapted to transitioning from the thought of pool training, to outdoor training, to Zoom workouts, and back to the outdoors again. As a coach, I am definitely proud of everyone for continuing to show up everyday, and put in hard work, despite the uncertainty of our summer. I have been focusing on building mobility and core strength in the athletes, as well as presenting them with some pretty challenging, full-body workouts. Throughout the month I have seen huge improvements in the overall fitness of the groups I have worked with, and I'm sure that will continue to improve as we move into June. The P2 swimmer of the month for May is Alexa Weighill! Alexa has had perfect attendance throughout the month, and has put forward outstanding effort during every workout she's been faced with. She always shows up ready to work, and never complains about some of the challenging exercises I have given the group. Congrats Alexa, and keep up the great work!
Gold - Joshua
Gold has had a similar goal as P1 in the month of May. We focused heavily on learning proper fundamental movements such as squats and push ups and increasing aerobic capacity. Increasing the aerobic capacity allows for a greater work capacity and will provide a strong platform for us to build off of once we enter the pool. Mobility was also heavily emphasized at the beginning of every workout to attenuate the effects of being out of the water for so long and allow for proper range of motion once we start swimming again.
The Gold's swimmer of the month is Payton Lundquist. Payton may be quite during practice but she leads by example; she is always willing to put in the work and grind through the tuff core sets.
Silver - Devlan
The silver group has had a strong start to the 2021 season and I am excited to get to work with such enthusiastic and hard working swimmers. Over the course of the past month we have worked hard over zoom to improve general strength and cardiovascular endurance. I am excited to see this hard work pay off and watch the swimmer’s efforts translate into the pool in the coming months. Keep up the great work silver!

The silver group’s swimmer of the month is Kallen Weighill. Kallen brings consistent effort and a great sense of camaraderie to the group. That mixed with his near perfect attendance and great work ethic, has me excited to see where this season will take him. Congrats Kallen!
Bronze/Bronze whales - Charlotte & Madeline
This past month for the Bronze/Bronze Whales has been a great start to the season. Starting in person for the first few days was a great way to meet the kids before we moved to zoom for the rest of the month. Since it was the beginning of the season, we really focused on building good foundations in our core and in some basic exercises. For example, we went over the proper ways to do push ups, squats and lunges. This helped the swimmers when we transferred to zoom because they knew the proper ways to do these things so we were able to build off them and start to get into more workout formats to help the swimmers get ready to get back into the pool. We have also worked on increasing our balance through more dynamic workouts.
The swimmer of the month for the month of May is Kylie Kozub and Kate Machacek. They have shown that they are willing to listen to instructions and always try their hardest in what we do. If they don't understand what we are doing they are never afraid to ask for clarification and do their best in the movement/workout that we are doing. Kylie and Kate Machacek always have a great attitude and are eager to come to practice and work hard. 
We are looking forward to getting into the pool Thursday and to start working on our swimming skills and having fun for the rest of the season :)