Orcas Month in Review | July 2021

Shannon Bos

Hello orca families,

Here is the July Update on what the different groups have been working on during this past month and their respective swimmer of the month.
The P1 group has been working hard on maintaining their aerobic capacity while improving the level of intensity they are able to sustain without stroke break down. The daily meters in July were slightly lifted from the month of June and with two extra practices due to morning swims, we were able to continually build workload and maintain a focus on stroke mechanics. The weekly cycle has stayed relatively the same  Mon = Aerobic, Tues = Power & aerobic, Wed = Lactic Acid, Thur = Aerobic & back end 100 pace, Fri = Power/Over speed.  As we approach our first sanctioned meet of the year, the P1 group will taper and see a great reduction in meters and overall workload heading into next week.
The swimmer of the month is Ben. Ben has a fantastic attitude at practice, he is always willing to put 100% into his practices and he has a near perfect attendance for the month of July.
Hi Orcas! July has been a great month for the P2 group. We have settled into our training routine really well, and everyone shows up ready to work hard and learn some new skills. This month has been our most challenging in terms of practice difficulty. We have increased the volume and the intensity of our sets, and it has definitely challenged the athletes, hopefully for the better! I am incredibly excited to see all of their hard work pay off at the competitions in just over a week, I foresee lots of best times being smashed after so long away from racing. Our swimmer(s) of the month for July went to two athletes who both stood out to me this month, and those were Brooklyn Kimmen and Elliott Pilsner-Roberts. Brooklyn has had the best attendance in our group, including morning practices, and has battled her way through so many challenging sets this month with a smile on her face at the end! Elliott has had nearly perfect attendance as well, and despite being the youngest member of the group, she always challenges herself during every set I throw at the group. Both of these athletes definitely make our group better every day, and I expect them to have awesome meets next weekend!
The Gold group has seen a slight increase in the amount of time devoted in each practice towards swimming sets. The level of intensity and workload has slightly increased but we have maintained a keen focus on swimming each meter with a direct purpose or focus in their stroke. As Gold approaches their first sanctioned meet next week we will be decreasing the amount of meters and spend time sharpening up their turns, dives and strokes.
The gold swimmer of the month is Bentley Togo. Bentley has done a great job of being at every practice and put a strong effort into all his workouts. 
The silver group has spent the month of July honing in basic swimming technique alongside speed and endurance work. With the final meet of the season coming soon I’m very excited to see what the kids can do! Keep it up silver!

Silver’s swimmer of the month for July is Reese Martindale. Reese has had great attendance and an amazing drive to improve. Her ability to concentrate and lock onto many key skills has set her on the path for success. Congrats Reese, keep up the great work!
Bronze had a great month in the pool and had steady attendance throughout the whole month! We worked lots on stroke and started introducing sets and longer swimming. For these last 2 weeks we will keep working on our strokes and doing more sets!

Bronze’s swimmer of the month is Spencor Hope. He had great attendance throughout the month and has improved greatly in all 4 strokes since the start of the season. He always has a good work ethic and is a great example of how hard work and consistency pays off!
Bronze whales
Hi Orca Families!
It’s been a great month for the Bronze Whales! We’ve continued to work on our freestyle and backstroke skills and have started to work on breaststroke. We’ve focused on getting the right technique for the breaststroke arms and legs and will start to work on timing the two together. Along with working on dives we have started to work on flip turns.
For the month of August we will be preparing for the swim meet on the 14th and getting used to racing.
The swimmer of the month for July is Brityn Sznetch. She is a very hard worker and is eager to know what she can do to be better.
We are looking forward to the last few weeks of swimming and the swim meet coming up!
The mini's had a great month in the pool! We have been focused a lot on good foundations and technique in kicking, freestyle and backstroke. With only a few weeks left will continue to work on our kicking and body position in freestyle and backstroke.

The swimmer of the month for July is Rhys Pinder. He has improved a lot since the beginning of the season kicking on his front and back, and has started to understand how to do backstroke really well! He has had great attendance and always comes with a smile!
Joshua Adams