St Marlo Seals Assistant Coach Application

Copy and Paste into a Word Document and email to by March 6th.

Position Description:

This position reports directly to the St Marlo Head Coach and also takes direction from the Assistant Head Coach.  The Assistant Coach assists in writing practice workouts, coaching swimmers in all age groups, managing a lane during swim meets (as directed by the Head and Assistant Head Coach), and any other swim-related tasks as directed by the Head Coach and the Assistant Head Coach.


·         Must be 15 or older as of June 1, 2020

·         Must have 2 years or more seasons of swim coaching experience

·         CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard training are a plus

·         Year-round and high school swim experience preferred

Availability Requirements:

To provide a consistent experience for our swimmers, availability at practices, meets, and other swim-related functions is required and of high importance in the applicant selection process. The St Marlo Seals season runs from the last week in April to the first week of July.  Applicants should ensure their dedicated availability during these dates before applying.


Commensurate with education level and experience.

Are you a St Marlo resident:



Age (As of June 1, 2020):


High School and Grad Year:

Number of Years on the St Marlo Seals Swim Team:

Number of Year-Round Swimming/HS Swimming:

Swim Coach Experience:

Other Work Experience:

Leadership Experience:

Works best with which age group(s) – Bold all that apply):

6U                  7-8                   9-10                   11-12                   13 and up

What makes you think you are a good choice for this position?:

Honors/Awards Received:

Swim Related Certifications:



Please carefully review the required work times and list ALL conflicts on your application. Please understand that if selected, your stated availability is part of your agreement, commitment and your attendance will be counted on.

Please list all conflicts (potential conflicts) below: