Parent Volunteer Obligations

When a child joins a swim team, so do the parents…………

Behind all successful swimmers and coaches are hard working parent volunteers who perform the hundreds of tasks required to run a swim team. ALL families must help out by volunteering to maintain the high quality program we have built at St. Marlo.  It is easy and fulfilling to donate your time; and it is important to show our children the value of volunteering. 

With this in mind, we REQUIRE that AT LEAST one adult from each swimmer’s family volunteers for AT LEAST three volunteer positions during the season.    

Please note that if you are unable to keep your volunteer commitment at a swim meet, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement and notify the Volunteer Coordinators,

SHRUTI PATEL           678-357-4085


Please DO NOT use email within 24 hours of the meet.  TEXT or CALL and notify them of your replacement's name and cell phone number as soon as possible, but no later than one day before the meet.

If you experience an emergency on the day of the meet and will be late to your volunteer shift, please call Shruti Patel at 678-357-4085 

*****If you don't show up, if you are unable to find a replacement, or if your replacement fails to show up your account will be charged ($75 per missing volunteer shift) to cover the cost of hiring someone to work in your place.  We would prefer not to have to do this, as finding someone as a replacement at the last minute makes for a stressful situation, so please do your volunteering with a smile.  Failure to pay the fine will result in your swimmer(s) being excluded from subsequent practices, meets, and/or the end of season celebration.

Volunteer assignments and volunteer position descriptions are here.