Job Sign-Up Instructions

  1. Go to Meets & Events
  2. Find the event and date you want to sign up for
  3. Click on the "Job Signup" button, which will display all the jobs available for the event
  4. Click on the check box to select the proper time period for the job you want to sign up
    • One person can sign up for multiple jobs for the same event if they are doing it consecutively (i.e., concessions first half and timer second half)
    • One person can sign up for multiple jobs concurrently as long as two people are doing it (i.e., husband and wife doing clean up job at the end) 
    • But one person can not sign up for multiple jobs in the same time period (i.e., one person cannot do concessions first half and timer first half)
  5. After you complete the selection of your job(s), click on the "Signup" button to complete the job signup, and please enter volunteer's first name, last name, and cell phone number in the signup
  6. After the signup deadline has passed, the job signup can only be changed by the volunteer coordinator