Seals Swim Team Info


If you are thinking of joining the St Marlo Seals swim team or if you are a returning Seal, below is an overview of the information you'll need to get started for the 2020 season.  If you have specific questions after reading this information, please email

Who are the St Marlo Seals?

The St Marlo Seals have been an integral part of our neighborhood since 1996. The swim team offers a fun, summer experience for kids ages 4 to 18. The swim team is broken down into age groups 6 and Under, 7 & 8, 9 &10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14 and 15-18.  While the swimmers practice daily to improve their skills, endurance and speed, this is a SWIM TEAM, not a "learn to swim" program and there are minimum skill level requirements for each age groups, so please check to make sure your child meets these requirements before registering for the team. 

The swimmers practice after school starting in late April (yes, the pool is heated).  When school ends, practices move to the mornings.  Swim team runs from late April through the end of June and concludes with the County meet and an end-of-year celebration. 

There are five swim meets against neighboring communities such as Longlake, Olde Atlanta Club, Deer Lake and others as well as one county meet at the end of the season.  Meets are typically on Thursdays in May/June from around 3:30 PM until 9:00 PM  (the 6 and Under group is finished by 7:30). 

Swimmers are expected to attend practice regularly, although attendance is not mandatory every day.  While we understand that kids have camps and vacations, swimmers are expected to swim in at least 3 out of the 5 swim meets.  Swim TEAM is not a "summer camp" for your child where they can attend only the practices and not race at our swim meets. Just like a soccer team practices so they can compete in matches, swim team practices so we can compete in swim meets.  If your summer travel plans call for you to be gone for the majority of June, it may be best to wait until next year to join. 

There is a Parent Volunteer requirement that comes along with your child joining the team. This is a part of the experience of being on a swim team.  Please familiarize yourself with this and make sure you are willing to fulfill this obligation prior to joining the team.

How Can I Register My Swimmers?

Swim Team Registration will be done on this website.  If registering more than one swimmer, please be sure to register them all at the same time so that each swimmer is associated with your online account. Swimmers should be placed in age groups based on their age on May 15th 2020!

When Can I Register My Swimmers?

Online Registration opens for in-neighborhood and returning Seal swimmers on February 1, 2020. Space is limited and certain age groups fill up quickly so please register soon!  

St Marlo Residents and non-resident RETURNING Seals are welcome to begin registration on February 1, 2020. 

  • Registration will be open through May 15.  
  • After May 15 to the last day of registration there will be a LATE FEE of $25 per swimmer.  

What is the Cost for My Swimmer to Participate?


·         St  Marlo Residents (ages 4-14): $227 registration + $28 for ASA = $255

·         Non-Residents (ages 4-14): $277 registration + $28 for ASA = $305

·         St  Marlo Residents (15-18): $127 registration + $28 for ASA = $155

·         Non-Residents (15-18): $152 registration + $28 for ASA = $180

What is Included?

Registration fee for Seal Swimmers includes: ASA fees, practices and all coaching; ribbons for all races; team t-shirt; parties; Donut Day; Fun Fridays; and the End of Season Celebration and guaranteed loads of FUN!

Registration fee does NOT include: cost of swim suit, swim caps, goggles, and any other necessary equipment. All Seals are required to purchase and wear the team suit and team swim cap.

Parent Volunteers

It takes LOTS of volunteers to run our swim meets.  Every job is important, but none require too much training. Each family is required to volunteer AT LEAST three times during the season.

Your family will sign up for preferred jobs or fill in where needed. It is the responsibility of your family to contact the Volunteer Coordinators if you are having trouble signing up for jobs online.

Please understand that your child may not be able to participate on the swim team in the future if your family does not meet this requirement.

Once you have committed to the work assignments, it will be YOUR responsibility to find a replacement for your job if you need to miss a meet. Remember that you are still obligated to work your two to four meets. We do keep track of each family and the number of jobs they are signed up for and actually complete. The Seals is a family team and it takes all of us to make the meets run smoothly. Please make every effort to fulfill your assignments.  Please also notify the Parent Volunteer Coordinator when you have switched with someone (prior to the meet).

What is the Swim Team schedule?

Our regular season begins on April 27 and ends on June 23rd, 2020 (County swimmers end on June 29th)

Practices begin on Monday, April 27 and are conducted Monday through Friday after school until Forsyth County schools are released.  Practices then switch to mornings.  See the practice schedule for times for each age group.

There are five regular meets plus the county meet for those that wish to participate in that.  See the Scheduled Meets and Events section for meet schedule.

Swimmers are expected to attend practice regularly although attendance is not mandatory every day.  While we understand that kids have camps and vacations, swimmers are expected to attend at least 3 of the 5 meets.  If your summer travel plans call for you to be gone for the majority of June, it may be best to wait until next year to join.

What is the Refund Policy?

  • If a parent of a swimmer elects to withdraw the swimmer before April 1st, you will receive a full refund of your St Marlo registration fee.  

  • If a parent of a swimmer elects to withdraw the swimmer between April 1 and April 15, you will receive a partial refund in the amount of 75% of your St Marlo registration fee.

  • For new swimmers only, if a parent of a swimmer elects to withdraw the swimmer within the first week of the swimmer’s practice, you will receive a partial refund in the amount of 75% of your St Marlo registration fees. 
  • If a swimmer has difficulty meeting the eligibility requirements, per a mutual agreement among the swimmer’s parents, the coaches, and the Board, the ineligible swimmer will receive a full refund of your St Marlo registration fees.

  • No refunds will be given after 7 calendar days of the first practice.


Swimsuits and Personalized Caps

Each Seal team member is responsible for purchasing a team swimsuit and personalized cap. 

To purchase suits and caps, click here to visit the SWIMshop.



Given the size and the various interests and activities of our swim team families, communication can sometimes be difficult. Swimmers will be given reminders at practice, but parents must also take responsibility for being informed.

Family Folders

Each swim team family has a Family Folder in the Seals’  file boxes. Ribbons are placed in each family’s folder following meets.  


The Seals’ web site, has the team calendar, practice updates, documents, meet results, contact information, directions to swim meets, and other important information.

Email and SMS

The  email  address  you  specified  when  you  registered  your  child(ren)  for  the  team  is  used for  all email communication.   Please also include a current SMS text number in your Team Unify profile.  This is used primarily when last minute information regarding inclement weather and meet or practice cancellations need to be communicated.

Facebook and Twitter

Announcements will be published on Facebook and Twitter so follow us there, as well, as another way to stay informed.