Mobile Apps

There is a FREE mobile device app that will help swimmers and parents track their meet performances. This is a great way to encourage and support your swimmer's awareness of their times and self-improvement.  We hope that this will help them set personal improvement goals and track their performances in pursuit of making their goals.

From our website provider Team Unify, is a free mobile app called, "OnDeck". This runs on the Apple iOS and Google Play platforms.  "OnDeck" gives you access to much of the same information our website provides, including your children's past performances, team news, parent job sign up, etc.    

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Meet Results

OnDeck Meet Results gives coaches and parents the ability to search, explore, and break down a swimmer’s past achievements in seconds. Simply filter by Events or Swimmers, then tap to view a breakdown of the event by prelim or final, heat and lane, seed time, status, and much more.