Swim Team Rules

Swimmer Rules


  • Attempt to attend all scheduled practices.  We understand that children have vacations and camps but try to attend at least three practices per week.
  • Swimmers MUST attend the Thursday meet day practice!  If a swimmer does not attend Thursday practice on a meet day without special permission from the coach, he/she will be removed from the lineup.
  • Be on deck and ready to swim at your scheduled practice time.
  • Follow and respect all coach instructions at ALL times!  For swimmer safety, swimmers not following coach directions respectfully will be dismissed from practice to sit with their parent.


  • Arrive ON TIME (3:45 PM for home meets and 4:15 PM for away meets)
  • Sign in promptly at the check-in table before proceeding to the bullpen.
  • After signing in, report to the bullpen to sign in with the shepherd on duty.
  • Check to be sure all events are marked clearly on your arm.
  • Stay in your designated bullpen area for the duration of the meet. Do not leave the bullpen without permission from the shepherd.  Shepherds are NOT babysitters and are not responsible if a child misses an event.
  • Follow shepherd directions.  If a swimmer fails to do this, a parent will be called to sit with their child for the duration of the meet.
  • Respect the pool rules.  No horseplay.  Roped off areas are OFF LIMITS.
  • Show good sportsmanship by congratulating your teammates and opponents. 
  • Before leaving the bullpen at the end of a meet, make sure to gather all of your belongings.  Also, please pick up a few pieces of trash from the bullpen to help clean up following the meet.

Parent Rules


  • Parents and siblings are NOT allowed on the pool deck during practices.  All are welcome to observe from the upper decks providing their presence does not prevent the swimmer from giving the coach his/her full attention.
  • Please get your swimmer to practice on time.
  • All swim team swimmers age 8 and under must have an adult present at practice.


Swim Meets:

  • Please have swimmers at meets on time (3:45 PM for home meets and 4:15 PM for away meets)
  • Parents of young or new swimmers should go to the bullpen four events before their child swims to ensure the swimmer is prepared.  Shepherds do their best and are responsible for lining swimmers up and bringing them down to the pool, but if your child might need extra help with goggles, etc., it is helpful for you to check on them if you deem it necessary.
  • If you have signed up to volunteer at the meet, please check-in with the volunteer check-In person at the front (same place your child signs in)
  • Swimmers 12 and under MUST have a parent or supervisory adult present during the entire Swim Meet.
  • Make sure your child has everything they need at the meet.  Please put your child’s name on EVERYTHING.
  • Bring
    • Team swimsuit and team swimcap
    • 2 pair of goggles (in case one breaks)
    • 2 towels
    • Waterproof blanket/towel/yoga mat
    • Team t-shirt and a pair of shorts (or sweat pants for cooler nights)
    • Bring games, cards, books, handheld devices, etc. to keep your child entertained while they wait for their events.   We discourage bringing high value items as they could get lost or broken.
    • Snacks and/or money for concessions.  We have a concession stand that sells pizza, drinks, candy, etc.
  • Alcohol – Swim meets are FAMILY events and alcohol is frowned upon at practices and swim meets.  We encourage you to save these refreshments for after the meet at our after meet party.  Consuming alcohol while volunteering or before volunteering is strictly prohibited and volunteers disregarding this rule will be replaced and charged a $75 fee for missing their volunteer shift.  We hate to be sticklers about this, but we want to avoid problems and set a good example for our swimmers.