Volunteer Guidelines


First and foremost we are a swim family and as such, we all have to do our parts. Please erase any notions that “someone else will do it.” This philosophy is problematic. The truth is someone, or a core group of families will actually do it for you! They will work tirelessly to provide a wonderful swim experience for your child and your family. They do this for the love of swimming and the love of community it builds. Swimming will provide your family with an excellent source of physical activity, a chance to meet new friends, opportunities for children to play and develop great friendships, and a real sense of community.

If you choose not to involve yourselves, this will cost that family that volunteers for everything, their time and energy, time with their own families, lots of sleep from late ending meets and early mornings, and turn their summer volunteer position into a dreaded, full-time job. We would like to have the core group of volunteers develop into a community of committed volunteers so that no family regrets getting involved or feels overwhelmed by the task of making our swim team great for everyone each summer.

Please do your part and show your appreciation through your actions for the fantastic family experience that Dunes West swimming provides.


1. Each family is required to volunteer for 2 meets. Sign up using the Signup Genius program. Emails are sent directly to you related to jobs/slots that are available. If you know of anyone not receiving emails, please contact the volunteer coordinator immediately. Read all emails that come to you from Signup Genius. Check and recheck your commitments for accuracy.

2. Read the descriptions of each job completely so that you can make the best choice for your family. For instance, if you have young children that you must watch during a meet, don’t pick the jobs that require you to stand behind the start blocks for the entire meet. (see duneswestswordfish.com under the volunteer tab for descriptions). If you need help deciding what would work best, an experienced swim family can help guide you, or feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator.

3. If you say you will be there, by all means, be there. We depend on you to run the meets. Make your word or commitment meaningful. If you can’t fulfill your commitment, please let the volunteer coordinator know as soon as possible. 

4. Sign in. At the officials table, you will find a clip board with the volunteer roster there. Sign your name above your printed name. We want your valuable time to count towards your volunteer obligation. Please don’t forget this!

5. Show up with a community spirit. Be prepared to do more than the minimal requirements. Remember, if you aren’t doing your part, some other swim/community loving person is.