Meets begin at 6:00 and generally end 3-4 hours later in the absence of weather delays and unexpected difficulties (e.g., not having enough volunteers to start the meet). However, depending on your volunteer job, you may be asked to arrive at 5:00. 

Starter: Announces event, heat number etc., Makes announcements during meet as needed 

Timers: Operates stopwatch at end of lane to record time of swimmers in each event and recorded on clipboard. 

Head Timer: Steps in for lane timer if/when breaks are needed. Replace stopwatch if any malfunction 

Time Sheet Runner: at the end of each event, gets time sheets from all timers and any DQ slips from stroke judges and then gives to scoring table 

Stroke and Turn judge: Determines if swimmers are DQ'd and writes on slip for coaches to review with the swimmer at practice, Only for swimmers 7 and up. (5/6s are not DQ or scored) 

Age group Bullpen/Wranglers: gets all swimmers to report to the clerk of course 10 minutes before their events

Clerk of Course: disperse swimmers in correct heat to appropriate lanes throughout the entire meet. 

Score Table Workers: Averages time from the 2 Timers and read aloud to another tableworker who is inputting into the computer. Ribbon label sheet is printed and given to Heat ribbon coordinator 

Heat Ribbon Coordinator: Puts labels on ribbons and files accordingly. Gives file drawer to the coach at the end of meet who will distribute at next practice. 

Heat Ribbon Distributor: responsible for distributing heat winner ribbons at the end of each heat

Set up: HOME MEETS ONLY Required time: 5:00-6:00


1. Set up all tables needed: official’s table and ribbon table.

2. Remove all lounge chairs and place them behind the bushes.

3. Make sure the trash cans are empty, lined, and placed appropriately.

4. Set up official’s and ribbons tent to left of starting blocks.

5. Set up lights in official’s tent & trees and run & tape down extension cords, hang sponsor banners.

6. Set up tents for swimmers staging area


Breakdown: HOME MEETS ONLY Required time: End of meet-gates close


Return all tables and chairs to their original positions 

Take down all tents, tables, lights, extension cords and put in labeled bins

Return items (tents, bins) to storage closet at main pool

Trash removal