Minor discipline concerns refer to basic behavior encountered in daily pool use. Disregarding pool rules is an example of a minor infraction; rough play is another.

Major discipline concerns refer to actions that may pose danger to the individual swimmer and/or those around him/her. Minor infractions that have become an ongoing problem, as well as behavior that is obstructive to the training program, are also considered major discipline concerns; for example,

  • consistently disregarding a coach’s instructions
  • frequent absences

Disciplinary procedure
Generally, the lowest level of discipline will be applied first in the case of minor infractions and escalated if the behaviors do not change. A higher level may be applied immediately if the infraction is major.

Ladder of disciplinary procedure:

The Coach will,

  1. Talk with the athlete, and arrive at an agreement of appropriate behavior, coaches will inform parents if it is a major infraction.
  2. Give an official reprimand, which the Coach will document and report to the Head Coach, coaches will inform parents if it is a major infraction.
  3. Give the athlete a time-out (10 to 15 minutes). Document and inform the Head Coach. coaches will inform parents if it is a major infraction.
  4. Ask the athlete to leave the pool/bleachers for the remainder of the practice. Parents will be contacted and responsible for athlete pick-up, if necessary.
  5. Suspend the athlete for a number of practices as determined by the Coach, Head Coach, and/or a member of the Board.
  6. Indefinitely suspend the athlete from practice. Parents are required to meet with the Coach, the Head Coach, and/or a member of the Board to resolve the problem before the athlete returns to training.
  7. Suspend the athlete from competition. If the infraction occurs during an international competition, the athlete may be sent home at the expense of the parent.
  8. Expel the athlete from the club. The fees paid to that point would be forfeited, including all fees for the current month in which the expulsion occurs.