To achieve our goal to excel at national and international competitions, including participation at the Pan American Games (and qualifying for the Olympic Games), parents, swimmers, coaches, board members, and the Technical Committee must work together.

1. Treat parents, swimmers, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect at all times.

2. Encourage discipline in the athlete by ensuring punctuality and attendance for all practices and competitions.

3. Notify the Coach via the OnDeck App, text message, or email as soon as possible if the athlete must miss a training session, event during a competition, or required team activity due to illness or injury.

4. Encourage team commitment in the athlete by scheduling vacations so as not to interfere with regular training or prior to the competition season.

5. Communicate with the Technical Committee and/or Board regarding any concerns.

6. Refrain from entering the pool deck during training unless entrusted with a specific task or role approved by the Coach, or in the case of a competition, be approved by the Chief Referee.

7. Reinforce the club's drug and alcohol-free policies with the athlete.

8. Ensure the athlete is provided with a healthy and nutritious diet and encourages the athlete to make healthy snack choices at all times.

9. Provide the athlete with a water bottle and encourage the athlete to drink sufficient water throughout the day and during training and at competitions.

10. Demonstrate good sportsmanship by appreciating efforts made by other athletes in the club and by athletes from other National Teams.

11. Act as a goodwill ambassador of the Barracudas Club and Artistic Swimming in Aruba.

12. Shall not bring the Barracudas Club, the Technical Committee, the Coaching Staff, the Federation, or team members into disrepute by use of any form of social media.