Barranews March 30 - April 5

Barracudas Aruba

Dear Barracudas Family,


We hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy at home. We look back on a great first week of online training sessions, where the athletes and coaches came together again, in a different way, but with the same dedication and determination! Congratulations athletes, coaches and all parents who made it happen! Not carpooling, but zooming. Thank you so much!!

Coach Chihiro has organized a series of special events starting Friday April 3rd. Below is an overview of the scheduled events to bring the world of artistic swimming closer together while being apart.


Friday, April 3rd - ONLY for 13-15 and Junior age groups

Special day with Mario Sakai Olympian and National Team Member from Japan. Sharing experience from 2012 London Olympic Games


Let’s Stretch together with Kano Omata Olympic Swimmer and National team member from Japan, 2016 Rio Olympic Bronze Medalist


Special Guests Yumeno Watanabe, Miyu Suzuki and Hikari Suzuki, Members of Japan National Team, 2019 Spain Open FINA World Series #8 (Combo silver medalists)





Saturday, April 4th - For 12&U, 13-15 and Junior age groups


Special Guests from Canada 12U, 13-15 and Junior teams from Mississauga Synchro Club. Team 12U athletes need to prepare the following questions to introduce themselves: What is your Name? Age? How long have you been doing Synchro? What is your favorite figure? And What is your hobby during this isolation.

Thursday, April 9th- For ALL age groups

Special Guest Sion Ormond Member of Canada National Team


Tuesday, April 14th - For ALL age groups

Special Guest Alana Hargreaves from Cirque du Soleil


Mandatory Mind Set Exercises 12&U and 13-15

Our coaches want to not only continue to take care of our athletes’ physical well-being, but also their mental well-being through these times. It is therefore requested from each athlete that they complete the attached Mindset #1, Mindset #2 and Mindset #3 exercises this weekend (April 4th and 5th). Coach Chihiro will let the athletes know when they will discuss as a group.

Fundraising Events

The Barracudas Raffle scheduled for April 25th will be postponed until further notice. Please inform your contacts and we will issue a communication on the Facebook page. For those of you that have already sold some books, please transfer the monies to the Barracudas account.

New Barracudas Artistic Swimming Logo Contest – Deadline May 15th

Friendly reminder to allow our athletes and their families to explore their creativity now that we have more time on our minds! In 2020, Barracudas will be celebrating its 50th year of being established as a club. This celebration pays tribute to the many lives of artistic swimmers and their families we have impacted since 1970. It honors the relationships that have grown up between the club and surrounding local and international communities, and recognizes the role that Barracudas has come to play. Our current logo is almost 40 years old, we to modernize and revamp it. Barracudas proudly announces the New Logo Contest! Athletes, parents, coaches, and the entire Aruban community is invited to submit their entries before May 15th, 2020. Entries must include: original artwork, completed entry form, the contest will be judges anonymously by a panel of Barracudas partners and members. The winner of the logo contest will receive a Cash Prize and will be announced via a press release, and on the Barracudas websites/social media sites in late May. All entries become the property of Barracudas. Contest is open to all who wish to participate. All entries will be displayed and/or used if deemed necessary.