7 September - 13 September 2020

Kyra Hoevertsz

Happy first week of September! :) 

Of course the biggest change is being back at school. We hope that everyone had a good first week back at school.. even though it is a bit different than what we are used to. Goodluck to all our athletes this year!

We are EXTREMELY happy with our 3 new beginners that started last week. We still hope to get more... if anyone knows someone that wants to tryout they can come to the pool on Saturday morning at 9am. We want to get as many beginners as possible. 

And this week... 2 very important people are celebrating their birthdays... coach Alva and coach Yami!! Let's make sure to be extra nice to them when they celebrate their special days ;)

This weeks schedule is the same as last week so please check Team Unify if you are not sure. 


Have a great week Barracudas family!!