Barranews 21 December 2020

Barracudas Aruba

What an amazing weekend!

The 2020 Mini-Arubaanse Championship showcased the hard work and dedication of our athletes and coaches. The figures and routines allowed the athletes to demonstrate to the public and judges what they will continue perfecting for the new season. Our sweet beginner athletes definitely stole the show with their brand-new routine! Thank you, coaches and parents, for your support and dedication to the athletes and the sport. Moreover, a special thank you to all the amazing volunteers this weekend, without your help, this would not have been possible!! All photos have been posted on the Barracudas Facebook page, please like & share with your friends and family.

Sailing the Fiesta was a big success, a well-deserved end-of-year celebration for the athletes and coaches, thank you to Artistic Swimming parent crew moms for helping out with making it happen. Photos will be posted on the Barracudas Facebook page.

Training Schedule

The training schedule has been posted online for your convenience. Please refer to the Calendar for updates or changes to the schedule at any time.

Team unify Townhall Meeting: Tuesday, December 22 @ 8:30 pm

A virtual town hall meeting will be hosted for new parents and parents who want to get a refresh on the use of the Team unify platform on Tuesday, December 22nd at 8:30 pm. The zoom information details will be sent via WhatsApp. We strongly encourage you to join this 30-minute session to register, update, and get acquainted with all the uses of the platform. See you there!!

Special request: We are kindly requesting all existing members to update their profiles via the OnDeck app or website. IF you do not yet have your information up to date or cannot access the platform please contact Jo-Anne Croes at [email protected] to get this taken care of immediately or attend the Townhall Meeting on Tuesday. In our effort to streamline our channels, the platform will transition to become the main source of information and communication. There was a 12-month period to get acquainted with the software and now we will transition to make full use of the opportunities provided by the Team unify platform e.g. training schedules, competitions and events, volunteer signups, fundraising activities, and much more. This is again an exciting step for the Barracudas Artistic Swimming Club.

Parents' Crew Meeting: Tuesday, December 22 @ 9:00 pm

We want to invite parents who are motivated and actively want to help and support any event or fundraising activity to join our parent crew! Teamwork makes the dream work. The work of a volunteer is not an easy task, but we need to be dedicated and committed to giving our time to making the experience of our athletes one that they will carry on forever in their hearts. Thank you to those who already volunteered, and look forward to anyone else wanting to join.

Communication Survey 

Please fill in the communication evaluation survey so that we can streamline our messaging to our athletes and parents. As was previously communicated, BarraNews, what used to be a weekly newsletter has been undergoing some changes and we need your input to finalize it. The objective of the newsletter is for members and parents to have a go-to central place for information, notifications, etc.

Happy Holidays to the entire Barracudas Family!