Barranews Quarterly Newsletter

Barracudas Aruba


It has been a long wait for our first UANA competition in Aruba. Without further a due, we announce the official dates for the 2021 UANA Championship after postponing the 2020 event due to COVID-19. Fortunately, we are keeping safe and healthy on the island and foresee hosting a successful event for May 25-28, 2021. So we are honored to say, Bon Bini!

The competition days have been shortened/reduced to keep the costs for the event feasible for all participants. It is imperative that participants adhere to the preliminary registration dates and final entry dates so that the Organizing Committee (OC) can deliver the best possible experience for all athletes, coaches, judges, and delegates. We do request flexibility in possible changes to the schedule as the days draw closer.

There will be some additional requirements to ensure a sustainable event for both the organizers and participants. For example, there is a minimum participation amount of 100 athletes in order for the event to take place. All payments and guarantees need to take place via wire transfer and credit card prior to travel and adhering to the specified dates. We need to work together to make this an unforgettable experience for everyone! Looking forward to welcoming our UANA family in May. There are currently 13 countries that have pre-registered for the event.

At the moment, this competition is going ahead as planned. The OC, together with the local COVID-19 Task-force, the Local Health Department, and the Government of Aruba, are monitoring the situation closely and further decisions will be taken according to the given situation. All Federations will be informed immediately, in case of any changes. 

Please visit the website for all information related to the competition.


BARRACUDAS Age groups 12&U, 13-15, Junior and Senior will participate @UANA

It is going to be a hefty few weeks for everyone, especially the athletes, as they prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Please find attached the summons of the event so that you can view the schedule. The coaches will be working hard together with the athletes to deliver their best performances at the competition and we encourage our parents to further support the athletes by motivating them and cooperate if and when there are extra training sessions. The board and organizing committee will be taking care of the logistics and planning to make this an unforgettable memory for everyone and your help in making this happen is essential. In the next week or two, we will send the link to register as volunteers, there is a lot of work ahead and the more help the better to ensure success. At this moment, the DVG protocol does not allow public participation at any sporting event, we hope that there will be changes before the event takes place.


Virtual Competitions

For our new athletes and their parents, it has been a different experience compared to how pool life was pre-covid. The closest way to keep the athletes engaged with the sport through competition is by offering virtual competitions. We are so happy and proud of all our girls and boys, they have placed Aruba's name high on the world chart, from beginners to senior virtual competitions. Thank you coaches and parents for your support and dedication to the sport we all love!


Fundraising Crew

In January, the fundraising crew had our first meeting to brainstorm ideas and possible fundraising activities. The crew is always looking for new members to volunteer in helping the Barracudas community. Please let us know if you would like to join the following committees by sending an email to [email protected]:

  • Birthday calendar - Team leaders: Howard, Lizayra & Jessica (March)
  • Soup Festival - Team leaders: TBD (April)
  • Koffiemorgen - Team leaders: Marlene, Jeanise & Vicky (June)
  • Caminata - Team leaders: Jo-Anne, Howard & Yvette (October / November)