Barranews Update

Barracudas Aruba

Felis dia di Himno y Bandera! 

We are preparing for our Himno & Bandera Competition taking place this Saturday, March 20th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The event will include Figures and Routines for all age groups (Beginners, 12&U, 13-15, Junior and Senior). Please signup here for helping us out on the day of this wonderful event for our athletes. Reminder: all athletes ages 12 and under are permitted to come with one parent to the competition. This is an event in preparation for the UANA Pan American Artistic Swimming Championships 2021. All results of previous and upcoming competitions will be available via the website.

UANA Pan American Artistic Swimming Championships 2021

A short update, the UANA organizing committee consisting of AAF and Barracudas are diligently seeking to make this event a successful one. Conversations have started with the registered countries, the final entry date is April 1st and by then a more accurate participant count will be available. As the days draw nearer, the OC will seek active volunteers to help make this the best UANA competition ever! For more information please visit 

Member Update TeamUnify IMPORTANT

Please make sure your accounts are updated on the TeamUnify and/or OnDeck platform. Contact Jo-Anne if you have any questions and need assistance. !New Uniforms will also be available soon for purchase! So, please update sizes!


We once again encourage parents who want to lend a helping hand with the upcoming fundraising activities, to please send an email to [email protected] If you have any new ideas to add to the list, please let us know!

  • Birthday calendar - Team leaders: Howard, Lizayra & Jessica (March)
  • Soup Festival - Team leaders: TBD (April)
  • Koffiemorgen - Team leaders: Marlene, Jeanise & Vicky (June)
  • Caminata - Team leaders: Jo-Anne, Howard & Yvette (October / November)