Hy-Crest Pool Rules & Policies

Pool Management

  1.  The pool manager is the representative of Hy-Crest Swim club and, as such, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the swimming pool and related facilities that comprise the Hy-Crest Swim Club grounds.  The manager is responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations regarding the pool, pool grounds, and all related facilities that comprise Hy-crest Swim club.  The manager, under the supervision of the Board of Trustees, is authorized to make on-the-spot decisions concerning all matters affecting pool operations.  The Board has granted the manager authority to enforce all rules relating to health and safety, and therefore, he/she may eject or otherwise restrict any person whose conduct he/she determines could endanger the health and safety of others.  The pool manager may recommend changes or additions to the pool rules as he/she may deem necessary.  All pool rule changes must be approved by the board.  The board may call a vote on changes to the pool rules at any time. 


Pool Hours

  1.  The pool will be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day of each year at hours specified by the Board and communicated to members by posting onsite and any other means of technological communication deemed appropriate by the board.
  2. The manager, in conjunction with the Board or its properly designated committee, may establish specific times for providing swimming lessons, social events, or other special events.
  3. The Board has authorized the manager to close the pool when necessary, due to adverse weather conditions (including temperature), the performance of maintenance or repairs, or any health or safety issues.  If the manager closes the pool for any previous stated reason, the pool shall remain closed for 20 minutes when the status of the pool will be evaluated again.
  4. Pool hours are subject to change for swim/dive meets or events sponsored by the social events committee.


Member Policy

  • Each certificate holder or renter must register eligible members of his/her family unit annually on the registration card provided.  This card is kept in an active file at the pool of members using the pool.
  • Persons comprising a family unit member, and therefore eligible for registration, are as follows:
    • The certificate owner/renter and his/her spouse
    • The certificate owner/renter’s unmarried children, under the age of 25 who reside full-time in the household or are students (dependent children) home for the summer.
    • Minor, unmarried children of either spouse, who due to divorce or other reasons, do not normally reside in the member’s home, are eligible during periods of temporary custody while resident in the member’s home.
    • Other members of the household residing full-time (year round) in the certificate owner/renter’s home, subject to advance approval of the board.  Note:  A brief, written request should accompany the registration card setting forth the name, age, and relationship to the certificate owner/renter (or reason for being in the home).  The membership coordinator will present such requests at the next board meeting, enter those approved on the members/renters registration card, and notify the members/renters of the board’s decision.
    • Member/renter’s wishing to have their baby-sitter bring their children to the pool on a regular basis will need to pay a flat $100.00 fee for their sitter for the summer in question or choose to pay the daily guest fee.


Guest Policy

  1. A guest is defined as a nonmember that is brought to the pool by a member.
  2. A member, along with his/her guest(s) is required to register at the pool entrance. 
  3. The member or guest must pay the appropriate admission charge for each guest.
  4. Guest admission charges are $5.00 per person per day before 6:00pm.  After 6:00pm, the admission charge is $3.00.  Members who have overnight, out-of-town house guests may speak with a manager about a discounted house guest pass.  All house guest passes must be requested ahead of time and will be $1.50 per day per guest.
  5. Members who provide child-care for other children may provide a written request to the board to pay $100 for children in their care as a professional child-care provider.
  6. The manager and staff are not authorized to extend credit.
  7. Guests must leave the pool when the member leaves.  No guest may remain at the pool after their accompanying member has left.
  8. Any member who desires to bring more than ten (10) guests at one time to the pool, is required to request and obtain approval from the manager at least 1 week ahead of time in order to assure adequate safety precautions will be available.
  9. Members are directly responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  10. Grandparents of member/renter’s children who wish to watch from inside the pool area may do so by registering at the office.  They must give their names and the member/renter’s name and number.  All watchers must be attired in street clothes, no bathing suits permitted.
  11. There is a limit for 4 (member and non-member) children (non-swimmers), per adult (or designated caregiver) at any given time for safety reasons.  Non-swimmers are defined as children who are unable to pass a swim test at the discretion of the pool manager.  The swim test is swimming two widths of the pool.


Health & Safety Rules & Regulations

  1. Parents are responsible for their children’s use of the bathroom facility, especially those 10 years old or less.  Parents should make sure that toilets are flushed and that their children do not leave a mess in the bathroom facilities.
  2. Except for eyeglasses, glass of any type (containers or receptacles) is prohibited in the pool area, including the main pool and baby pool areas.   
  3. At all times, the deck area  of one cement square around the pool shall be clear of all obstructions, including baby strollers, carriages, deck chairs, etc.
  4. Parents are responsible for the behavior and actions of their children in the main pool, baby pool, and the grounds of Hy-Crest Swim club
  5. Smoking is prohibited on Hy-Crest grounds
  6. Swimmers may be denied entry into the pool at the pool manager’s discretion if they have any of the following conditions:  skin diseases, open sores, inflamed eyes, nasal, or ear discharge, or any communicable disease. 
  7. Anyone with excessive dirt and/or perspiration shall be required to shower before entering the pool.
  8. Running, pushing, wrestling, tripping, hitting, or disorderly conduct is prohibited on the club property.
  9. Stealing, petty thievery, or vandalism shall result in expulsion from the swim club.  There shall be no refund of dues.  Further, all offenders will be turned over to the proper law enforcement authorities.
  10. Damage to, or loss of club property will be charged to the responsible member/renter.
  11. The use of any technology for personal music is prohibited on pool grounds, except when played through headphones only.
  12. No person shall conduct him/herself in the pool or in any of the ancillary rooms or areas in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of him/herself and others.  Nor shall anyone act in the offensive or annoying manner thereby interfering with the enjoyment of others.
  13. In order to prevent over-fatigue in children, there will be an “adult swim” the final 10 minutes of each hour.  Children who ordinarily swim in the large pool are not permitted in the baby pool during “adult swim”.  Rest periods also apply to the baby pool.  During “adult swim”, adults may bring children under the age of 6 into the large pool for the purpose of swim instruction including helping young children to become accustomed to larger pool water.  During this time, all children must stay within arms-length of the adult in the water with them.
  14. No pets are allowed within the confines of the pool area.
  15. Lounge chairs, if vacated for more than 30 minutes, may be occupied by someone else.  Any articles left on the chair by a previous occupant should be carefully placed beside the lounge chair by the new occupant.  No standing on lounge chairs.


Alcohol on HyCrest Premises

  1. Alcohol must be kept in non-breakable containers and alcoholic drinks must be kept at least one concrete square back from the pool. 
  2. Any underage member or guest bringing or drinking alcoholic beverages shall have membership privileges suspended and local authorities will be notified.
  3. Any member or guest with alcoholic beverages should be prepared to present valid state identification for compliance with minimum drinking age.  Failure to provide identification on demand, regardless of age, will result in loss of the beverage.
  4. All members must maintain appropriate conduct at all times and refrain from excessive drinking while on Hycrest Premises.  Disorderly or disruptive conduct will not be tolerated and can result in removal from the premises by Hycrest staff or local law enforcement.    



Child specific rules

  1. Children must be able to pass the beginners test to swim in the large pool without their parent or child-care supervisor present in the large pool. Children who are at least 11 and have passed the beginners swim test are allowed on the pool premises without their parent or child-care supervisor.  Any child attending Hycrest without a parent or child-care supervisor must have emergency contact information on record at Hycrest.  The beginners swim test is defined as the ability to swim two widths of the pool and is at the manager’s discretion.  Child-care Supervisors must be at least 14 years old.   Swim & Dive coaches and swimming lesson instructors during the scheduled times of practice or lessons are considered to be designated child-care supervisors.
  2. Unsupervised children under 11 years of age will be kept in the pool office until a parent or responsible adult picks up the child.  In this event, the member’s pool privileges may be suspended.
  3. Children under the age of three are permitted in the large pool when held by an adult.
  4. A parent must accompany and supervise any child within the baby pool area.  A child-care supervisor may accompany a baby pool child, 6 years or younger, into the baby pool area provided a parent of the child has given his/her approval in writing.  The responsible individual must stay with the child at all times.
  5. No metal or rigid plastic toys shall be allowed in either pool
  6. The baby pool is reserved for children 6 years old or younger.  Exceptions are at the discretion of the pool manager.
  7. Only Coast Guard Approved floatation devices are permitted in the large pool.
  8. Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers in either pool.


Swimming and Diving Board

  1. One person on the board and ladder at a time.
  2. Do not climb the diving board ladder until the diver in front of you has touched the wall of the pool.
  3. No swimming in the diving board area, unless the diving boards have been closed by a manager or the manager’s representative.
  4. The area in front of the boards must be clear at all times.
  5. No hanging from the board
  6. No more than one bounce on the diving board.
  7. No line breaking or letting others in line for the diving boards.
  8. Dive or jump straight off the end of the board, not to the side.
  9. Forward dives – hands must enter the water before any other part of the body
  10. No goggles while going off the diving boards
  11. No life jackets or floatation devices when jumping off the diving boards
  12. No diving in the shallow end of the pool
  13. No back flips or cartwheels off the side of the pool
  14. When diving from the left board-swim to the left side of the pool and immediately exit the pool
  15. When diving from the right board – swim to the right side of the pool an immediately exit the pool
  16. When diving from the high dive – swim directly under the board to the wall and exit the pool immediately
  17. No hanging on the side of the pool after diving/jumping
  18. Parents may sit on the edge of the pool while younger children are jumping off the diving board.  Parents are not allowed to tread water in the deep end to “catch” their child.



  1. Member/renter/guests shall drive carefully and slowly on the driveway and in the parking area.  Pedestrians and children on bicycles shall have the right of way at all times.



Approved by the Board of Trustees  April 2015