Home Meet and Team Photo Monday, 6/27

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to the group of swimmers who swam so well at yesterday's Green Valley Invitational!!

Our first dual meet is tomorrow - Monday, June 27 - at home vs. Antietam. The weather looks good for the afternoon, but the morning could by dicey. Stay tuned for updates in the AM regarding practice. 

Team Photo: Tomorrow, we ask that swimmers report to the pool at 4 PM for our team photo, followed by individual photos. We will have each swimmer's team T-shirt ready to hand out with his or her name on the tag. T-shirts will be worn for the team photo and for all meets this summer.

Warm-up for our older and middle age swimmers will begin at 5 PM. We will get our younger swimmers in closer to 5:15 to 5:20. Antietam warms up at 5:30. The meet is scheduled to begin at 6 PM. We ask for patience as the volunteers work hard at the scorer's table to get the meet started in a timely fashion. We have been in communication with the Antietam coach and computer person, so fingers crossed that things run smoothly. 

We will be sitting on the far side of the pool and behind the blocks in the grassy area. I am going to have swimmers organized by age group during the meet so it is easy to find them to line them up before their races. I want all 8 and unders and 9 and 10's to sit in an area on the grass closest to the slide and blocks. 11 and overs should sit in the grassy area further down but not too far back.

I want to see the entire team engaged during the meet and cheering for others if they are not competing at that time. Parents, I ask that you help keep your swimmers on our side of the pool and in the area where they belong. They should not be wandering around the grounds. 

The order of events is as follows: medley relays, butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle relays. The younger age groups go first, and girls go before boys in each age group. 8 and unders are the only age group that do not swim a medley relay. All age groups swim a free relay at the end, though. 

We will be in the even lanes for tomorrow's meet - lanes 2, 4, and 6 - unless otherwise instructed by the announcer. 

Scoring is 7 points for finishing first in a relay. For individual races, scoring is 5 points for 1st, 3 points for second, and 1 point for 3rd. Only the first heat for each event is eligible to score points. Heats after that are considered exhibition, but they are just as important because swimmers' times still count. 

Finally, I kindly ask all swimmers and families to stay until the end of the meet to support swimmers in relays and to give the other team a cheer afterward. All swimmers are also responsible to help clean up their area and to throw away trash.

Here's to a fun and successful first dual meet!

Coach Scott