Summer Season 2022

6/28/2022 Narwhals vs Bethlehem Township Community Center - MEET RESULTS W

6/30/2022 Narwhals vs HCY - MEET RESULTS W

7/7/2022 Narwhals vs TRA - MEET RESULTS L

7/12/2022 Narwhals vs GPS - MEET RESULTS L

7/14/2022 Narwhals vs EAC - MEET RESULTS W

7/19/2022 Narwhals vs Hackettstown - MEET RESULTS W

7/21/2022 Narwhals vs Belvidere - MEET RESULTS W

PJSL 50th Annual Champs Meet - MEET RESULTS

Please remember, your swimmer must compete in (4) regular season meets total to be eligible to enter Champs.

2022 PJSL Champs Standards

TIMES for each swimmer as of 7/21 meet